Job Description: President of the United States

by Rodney Coates* ~


Job Description

President of the United States


Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound while avoiding the bomb shells from the Ultra Right and the Ultra Left.  Must not drink the tea from the Party of no, and definitely do not drink the coffee from the Party of ambiguousness.  Insure the domestic tranquility –stop the flood of drugs that saturate our borders, provide for the common defense –get the guns out of our sons hands.  Remember that religion is a right, not a duty –please tell the religious right that they do not have a mandate from God to destroy, deny, and denigrate all that are different from themselves.  Pledge allegiance to the corporate gods –the real power behind, infront of, and beneath the throne, the congress, and the world system.  Able to seem sincere when no one really believes that we can balance the budget, get out of three wars, pay down the debt, end the pipeline to prisons by funding schools, halt the slow drag on our best and brightest who tune out rather than get fired up, acknowledge the historical inertia of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and any other type of ism created, crated, and slated in these United States of America.  Do ordain that we live in an  impossible moment, where no one person-can change the course but maybe all of us can.  Maybe, just maybe if you can lead us, drag us –screaming, kicking, yelling, crying, and mumbling –then you be the person, you da man, you da woman –you got my vote.


Applications may be left in the box to the right, we will keep them in sight, lest we forget what the fight is really about…Thank you America and goodnight.. 



History can be an excellent teacher, assuming it has pupils willing to learn.



*Rodney D. Coates,

Professor and Interim Director of Black World Studies











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