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GenXTalksUrNews Presents, Two-Faced - Poetry Written by Tawanna Thierry

Two sides of a coin,
Heads or Tails
Two sides of a story,
Fact or Fiction

Two Sides, leading to the following examples:

Past or Present
Top or Bottom
Yes or No
Wrong or Right
Make or Break
Heaven or Hell

Two sides of a face,
Evil or Good
Vision of “Janus”, Roman mythological god of “Gates” & “Doors”
Two opposing faces
Beginnings” & “Endings”
Which side does you heart lie???

Two sides of an issue,
Black or White

What is in-between???

Imbalance of the spiritual realm
Armageddon, inevitable
Manifestation of betrayal of self

Hate deeply rooted from the beginning of time
Defined by the “enslavement” of the mind
Limitation of thinking “Simple”
Cohabitation amongst the “Walking Dead”
How long have you been “Sleep”???

Others have either been sacrificed or murdered
As our children head into unnecessary wars…

Two sides of Life
Live or Die
You decide the path of your destiny
Make the right choice

Set-ups and Profits over pollution
Marketing the same product
Only with a different brand
False sense of peace mixed with a bit of delusion

Divide & Conquer
Disrupt the idea of “Unity”
Breed Fear, by making an example of one
Allowing others to “think” “They” have made it!!!

Made What??? Promoted First!!!
Congratulations on your award,
“The best of “FOOLS”

Color divisions
Lighter verses Darker
Basic formula of “Willie Lynch’s” Syndrome
“The Making of a Slave”

While standing on the bank of the James River
Colony of Virginia in 1712
Misinterpretation of “ignorance” with “genius”
This is where the word “Lynching” derived

Innocent or Guilty
Justice or Unjust
False Imprisonments
While Criminals face no opposition
All required to escape…
Money, Power & Politics
No way out…in the after life
Money will be worthless
No use, No credit
Only facing judgment from the “Most High”…

Two lovers
Open acceptance of Ménage à trios
“French Word” treating others & self lower than “DIRT”
However, only one opinion of another
Momentary pleasures, then “WHY” is there a feeling of shame???
Two sides, unconditional love or “NOT”…

Plague unrecognized or comfortably dismissed
“Two words”, “Two countries”, “Sodom & Gomorrah”
Recognize the potential of Death by Aids
Two Genders, Women & Men
Kings & Queens
Truth & Honesty always best opposed to LIES, LIES & MORE LIES…

We are all Gods children
How dare “Mankind” insinuate
Humans were created by mistake
Did you have anything to do with choosing???

What is the worth of being “Lost”???
What was the price or under table cost???
What is the benefit of “working” dishonestly on “Both Sides”???
Regardless of the fact, “Truth” will always come into the “light”
Once again, what did you lose, besides your soul???

Burning flesh…
Two sides
Either set –on- fire or the "stench from brimstone & hell"
Hanging nooses, “GET A ROPE!!!
Crucify all the seven principles of MAAT

Are you really insane!!! MAAT is the basis of the universe...

How can you ever forget about the sacrifices of Jesus???
What about the teachings of the honorable Elijah Muhammad???
Israel, Africa, America and others are begging for HELP
Thus said the Lord, are you your brotha’s keepers???

Investment in a bag of Tricks
Haven’t you heard, “Tricks are for Kids”
In fact, even “Kids” are wiser during these last days

Eyes wide open
Partnerships, Plots & Plans… only looking to get “PAID”
In the likeness of a “good” house “Nig---
Thought I was going to use that wordHasn’t it been used enough!!!
Bury this word, and work on demonstration of influential role modeling
Is “Getting Paid” worth this spineless sacrifice???
It is the actions of a “Coward”

A slave has “No” color, religion, race, or gender
As all humans has the potential of completing this application
Hopefully, NOT!!!

Two Faces, Two Side, Where does your heart lie???
Hopefully not in repaying “GOOD” with that of “EVIL”…
How long can one be considered an “Actor” or “Actress”???
The story must come to an “END

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