Many hands on the worldOne of the best aspects of the Internet is that there are so many authors speaking about so many varied and diverse topics.  As I read politically or racially charged pieces I often see this quote from a commenter: "I don't see race".   The writer usually says this like this is some badge of honor. "I don't see race so therefore I can't  discriminate".  Most people who write this are full of shit. 

For those who truly "don't see race" however I say that they are missing out on the very thing that makes us uniquely special.  There are thousands of aspects of specific cultures, races, with each one unique and special:

The sway and the rhythm of Native American dance and song

The way a person from India shakes his head side to side before answering a question

Seeing a young 15 year old Mexican girl blossom into womanhood at her Quinceanera

Watching a jewish family dance as they celebrate their son's Bar Mitzvah

The crooning of Sinatra and the Rat Pack

Soul Food

The combination of fire and spice of latin women

The power and grace of football

The power and grace of futbol

The respect paid to elders in Japanese culture

The swag of a black man when he walks down the street

A Piroshki

The laid back style of the Rastafari

A good pot of Sancocho

These and a thousand more, racial and cultural differences are the fabric of humanity.  They provide the interest and contract that makes us want to know more about each other; to find out new ways of eating, living, loving and being.  How boring would the world be if we all did things the same way, cooked the same food, sang the same songs and looked identical to one another?

While many of us take this time to celebrate the differences between different races and cultures, too often the ignorant and the powerful use race and ethnicity as a club to beat each other up with.  The vast majority of wars and oppressive regimes have been borne out of racial and religious intolerance.  In fact, the only purpose of racism is to pit one group against another so that the rich and powerful can maintain control over BOTH groups.

When an individual or a group of individuals “buys into” racism by bullying, enslaving, or discriminating against others that’s when “the Man” has you right where he wants you.  While we fight one another "the Man” gets richer.  While we systematically oppress a whole race, we do the work of “the Man” for him.  When we kill our own people because we have so much self-hatred, then “the Man” has truly taken our mind and your soul.

For those who may be asking the obvious question, let us define who “the Man” is.

“The Man” is Adolf Hitler

“The Man” is Moammar Khadafy

“The Man” is the American slave owners of time gone by

“The Man” is the collective power behind Wall Street

“The Man” is Idi Amin

“The Man” is Sadaam Hussein

“The Man” is every individual or group in history that abuses authority to keep power in the hands of the few while oppressing the masses.

F**k “the Man”

End Racism

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