You're introduced to the illegal hustle
by a demon who don't trust you
just pimpin you
ready to bust some lead in your temple
If you don't follow out the commands of initiation
Do you know where your going to?
In this dark situation?
and across the nation
innocent black boys and girls are getting shot now
we're an endagered species - it's gotta stop now.

Your no criminal - Look in the mirror your a miracle

Don't let the external burn you
it's just an illusion
no body gets out
the streets. Its a web of confusion
the criminal justice system
privitized prisions get paid
stocks and bonds go up when young cats get sprayed
or arrested
even funeral parlors have invested
in your demise
You will only win this game
When you self correct ressurect
and rise!

Your no criminal - Look in the mirror your a miracle

There's a way out
be an entrepreneur
go back to school for something technical
do you
get yours
but know that we share the same blood
the same DNA
In powerblocks is how Money Power and Respect Games are played
So look in the mirror your a miracle
and there's nothing in this world that you can't do
So visualize your dreams- renew and pursue-Your passion-focus on a goal and make it happen-Let's go.

Your no criminal - Look in the mirror- your a miracle

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Kamal Supreme (C) 2012
Rezawrecktaz Music ASCAP
RevolutionaryArt Innertainment
Bless the Mic Media

A Serious Reggae, Spoken Word and Hip Hop Fusion Song about real gangsters growing up and protecting their communities. Stop the Violence! Dub Poetry!

"Your no criminal - Look in the mirror- your a miracle"

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