In 1991, the Soviet Union and communism collapsed and now with the severe contraction in credit markets, capitalism is in similarly deep trouble; and. Fuller's 1981 prediction about the demise of the world's power structures certainly cannot be good news for those who attended the 56 th Bilderberg meeting held June 5-8 in Chantilly , VA.The Bilderberger are believed by many to be the world's ruling elite, those who determine the world's direction—at least the western world's, as attendees are overwhelmingly from Europe and the US ( Europe 2:1 US ).In truth, however, the majority of attendees at the Bilderberger meetings are not the ruling elites but their minions—the well paid servants of money and power who toil 24/7 on their behalf, the bankers and corporate CEOs who shepherd the collective wealth of their masters, thereby gaining position and power for themselves in the process.This fact, however, should not take away from their considerable influence in today's world. That world, however, is today in a highly precarious state; for, if Fuller's prediction is true, the Bilderberger's world is now about to collapse.MARSHALL THURBER'S CHECKERBOARD GAMEMarshall Thurber who was a close friend of Buckminster Fuller recently unveiled his new Checkerboard Game at the Positive Deviant Network (the PDN ). A gamesmeister whose Blocks Game (which literally “melts” the right/left brain into a unified state) is the foundation of his long-running Money & You seminar (now taught internationally including China), Thurber's new Checkerboard Game reveals the dynamics behind the formation of financial and power elites.The setting itself was rather extraordinary. The Positive Deviant Network was in Dunkirk NY to view one of four prisons where PDN member Dr. Cherie Clark (who received her PhD based on her study of Buckminster Fuller's principles of Synergistics ) co-heads Shock Incarceration , a course based on Buckminster Fuller's principles, the 12 step addiction program and superlearning techniques (80% of Shock Incarceration graduates starting with an average of 5 th grade education receive their GEDs (high-school equivalency) in 6 months with 12 hours of classroom time per week).Where the average prison program lasts only 2-3 years, Shock Incarceration is now in its 21 st year after having successfully graduated 37,000 inmates, significantly lowered New York State 's recidivism rates, saved the state of New York over $1 billion dollars and transformed countless lives in the process (Dr. Clark is also the president of Doing Life International, ).The connection between The Checkerboard Game and Shock Incarceration was obvious. The creation of financial elites such as the Bilderbergers creates a world where elites continue to coalesce financial and political power at the expense of others. The rich get richer and the poor now go to prison. The Checkerboard Game and Shock Incarceration reflect that simple but increasingly ubiquitous truth.If you have the chance to play The Checkerboard Game you should do so. And if you're ever incarcerated by the state of New York and have a chance to take Shock Incarceration (the US is now the world's #1 jailor so your odds are increasing) the same advice holds. Buckminster Fuller's influence in both is obvious.THE BILDERBERGERS & THE PAPER BOYSA fortune composed of paper is like a house built on sandAt the very same time the Positive Deviant Network was meeting in northern New York in early June, the Bilderbergers were meeting in northern Virginia; and, while the PDN was looking at ways to alleviate the problems of the powerless, the Bilderbergers were looking at ways to extend the power of the already powerful.In attendance at the Bilderberg meeting were Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Henry Paulson, the US Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geither, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York , Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, and Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank.It is no coincidence that so many high ranking “public servants” were openly attending a private meeting of the western world's financial elites. Public servants in name only, public bankers are the handmaidens of the private elites, and in so doing serve their own interests as well.It is also no coincidence that bankers play such a prominent role in the affairs of the Bilderbergers, the western power elite. Prior to the introduction of the bankers' debt-based money in England in 1694, the east and the west were “separate but equal”. The bankers, however, were to significantly change that dynamic.After central banking was introduced by the Bank of England, the relationship between the east and west shifted dramatically. England in its Faustian pact with the bankers was able to fund its navy and military with debt-based money and in a version of national gang violence, sic imperialism, imposed its will on much of the world.The 18th , 19th , and 20th centuries reflected this great shift in power. The 21 st century, however, will not. By the end of the 19 th century, England 's time as the preeminent world power had run its course.In 1870, England 's balance of trade went negative and its Treasury had increasing difficulty in paying the enormous bills of the British Navy and the bankers took careful note of this turn of events.So, in 1913, the European bankers extended their operations to the US via the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the US version of the Bank of England's central bank. The Federal Reserve System, a consortium of private European and American banks, would issue the same debt-based money in America as had the Bank of England in Britain and the bankers would continue their power and influence in America as they had in England and Europe.Now, however, in the 21 st century, America 's run at the table of fortune is coming to an end as did England 's one century before. In 1970, America 's balance of trade went negative (as did England 's in the 1870s) and again like England , its military budget would consume more and more of its national wealth.In 2008, the world of the Bilderbergers is now suddenly and unexpectedly threatened. The western power base built on the foundation of central banking has encountered an unexpected problem. The debt-based western world of the Bildebergers has now collided head-on with the savings-based world of the east (or as I would call it, Africa, Asia, and other non-White/Western people: the 91% of the rest of the planet.)


THE COIN OF THE REALM BECOMES THE CON OF THE REALMCapitalism is the description of the wholesale introduction of credit into the world of commerce. Prior to the introduction of the Bank of England's debt-based money, the words “banker” and “capitalism” did not even exist. The previous description of banking was “money-lending”, an avocation made possible by the charging of interest on the lending of gold.The utterly brilliant ascent of the money-lenders was made possible by their pact with government, first with King William of England, wherein private bankers would be allowed to issue public currency on which they could charge interest just as they had previously with gold—and government could then spend whatever it wished of the public's money, usually on war.The advantages are obvious, at least to the bankers and governments. Over time, however, the credit based “money” turns into debt on which compounding interest is levied. In this system, time is the enemy as time compounds debts as well as the amount of paper money causing a continual debasing of previously issued currency.THE MORE PAPER MONEY PRINTED THE LESS ITS VALUEThe ultimate seduction of credit lies in its ability to deceive the debtor into believing that it is real money he or she has. It is not. Credit and debt are two sides of the same coin, albeit a coin of highly dubious origin.The two-sided coin of credit and debt was substituted for gold and silver in an arrangement that served bankers and government, not producers and savers; and, much to the chagrin of the Bilderbergers and their bankers, the rest of the world, sic producers and savers, are now beginning to catch on to this increasingly obvious truth.The recent rapid rise in the price of oil is a reflection of the intention of oil producers to no longer automatically trade their limited supply of oil for an unlimited and continually devaluing supply of paper money.
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