Mark S. Allen, Veteran Black Activist
Chairman Of The Board
Black Wall Street Chicago Organization
Chief of Staff To National Chairman Rev. Michael Carter
National Black Wall Street USA
4655 South King Drive, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60653

Mark S. Allen recently included in the 2012 Edition of Who's Who In Black Chicago as "one of Chicago's Most Influential Voices In The Black Community

Zimmerman's Lawyers Right To Drop Him As Client, but it shows Zimmerman Can't Follow Rules and not following the 911 dispatcher's judgement is what started the Trayvon tragedy

George Zimmerman has proven from the very beginning of this Trayvon Martin tragedy that he suffers as a loose cannon and bad judgment. His story about the circumstances from him and his close associates have changed almost daily, and he has yet to answer the basic question of why he blatantly ignored the 911 dispatcher who told him not to pursue Trayvon Martin in the first place. Its going to be difficult for any legal team to manage a loose cannon like George Zimmerman whose self serving, undisciplined antics has lost him his current legal representation. And it is this kind of example by Zimmerman not being able to follow the most basic of instructions of his lawyers that many believe Zimmerman displayed when he could not follow the basic instructions of the 911 dispatcher who instructed him not to pursue Trayvon Martin and it is that decision by which we are now at this stage with Zimmerman and justice for Trayvon Martin's unfortunate death.

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