Where are my storytellers, educators, and writers? Whether you are drafting an e-book or your autobiography, a professional editor and self-publishing strategist on your team will enhance your writing and prepare it for your intended audience. CaTyra Polland, CEO of Love for Words came on Minority Report featuring Black-Owned Businesses as a featured guest.
Not only did CaTyra lend her editing expertise and writing tips for your New York Time's next best-seller, but she also explained in detail her process for working for authors and what you should look for when searching for an editor.
You may be wondering why you would need to hire an editor at all. With editing software readily available, hiring an editor may seem pointless. I should warn you against not investing in an editor. Grammarly is suitable for students, bloggers, freelance writers, businesses, even academics because it is affordable smart AI (artificial intelligence).
Alone, editing software has its advantages like finding mistakes and typos. What editing AI lacks is the ability to discern the emotion you are trying to convey, that human touch. Editing software also isn't sensitive to word choice and sentence structure for effect. For writers, tense consistency is extremely important. It allows your readers to follow along with your story whether you're writing in past, present, or future tense. An editor can ensure your audience doesn't get lost, unlike editing software. Programs and software usually do not offer suggested rewrites. When an editor suggests a rewrite, they substantially reword or reorganizes sentence structure so it flows better and is more clear and concise.

When asked, CaTyra stated, "Editing software should be used to supplement not replace an editor. Furthermore, Grammarly, Microsoft Editor, and other software do not provide feedback on content. Editors are able to inquire about content as well as make suggestions/recommendations to enhance your manuscript. Hire a trusted, qualified editor to polish your document. You will not regret it."

Learn more about Love for Words and CEO CaTyra Polland, an editor who is dedicated to polishing your manuscript until it shines, visit www.PollandLLC.com. Here from her in our interview, now streaming on Youtube when you click below.
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