US book publisher John Wiley & Sons spies on employees like a secret service w/ C.I.A. methods; nobody controls the dirty spy merchant cum scientific publisher John Wiley & Sons!

Is the criminal versatile John Wiley & Sons publishing empire violating the right to privacy in the workplace under U.S. Constitution’s 4th Amendment as well as Chinese, German and EU privacy laws?

Yes, John Wiley & Sons (SOPA shark) commits felonies by secretly listening on employee conversations at the workplace. John Wiley & Sons culture is a fangs-out, snoop-snoop-snoop culture. This nightmare is aided and abetted by Chairman Peter Booth Wiley and his entourage, who engage vulnerable employees in the literary equivalent of trench warfare. The smoldering banality of evil by Chairman Peter Booth Wiley creates a ridiculous public-relations disaster for himself and ruinous consequences for John Wiley & Sons.

The magnitude of information John Wiley & Sons has available about each of its employees for discriminatory practices must be enough to create digital Doppelgangers of their employees. In the US private companies such as SPOKEO and STRATFOR provide John Wiley & Sons with information how many cars their employees have; in this dangerous world John Wiley & Sons has to know their employees job history; John Wiley & Sons is raising “legitimate” questions about political leanings of employees; a priority question for John Wiley & Sons is if there are employees who act as civil rights activists, or worse as socialists; John Wiley & Sons insists on surveillance of Muslim and Arab employees; in which year employees bought (or lost) a house; to assess guilt by association, John Wiley & Sons needs to know what their employees do on social networks and what they talk about; in addition, vital security information for John Wiley & Sons covers what books or magazines employees read and what brand of coffee they drink; John Wiley & Sons’ “constitutional” warrantless surveillance includes 1) on moral grounds the sexual relationships employees have and 2) on puritanical grounds coverage if they got divorced and 3) on religious grounds if female employees had or were seeking an abortion; if they ever declared bankruptcy; “appropriate” leads on shocking traffic tickets; John Wiley & Sons has employee information compiled from public sources on criminal history; John Wiley & Sons record-keeping includes employees’ dieting habits; and if depression or addiction history or taking pills for recreational purposes leads to criminal activity. John Wiley & Sons predictive analytics team makes sense of the demographic data to figure out how John Wiley & Sons employees might think and behave and to hire and fire or demote and promote. There are no laws in the U.S. to tell employees what information John Wiley & Sons has bought about them – and the espionazis at John Wiley & Sons have no shame using the flood tide of spy-data.

To write my strange memoir about criminal secrets, I worked for eighteen months at John Wiley & Sons’ San Francisco archive, located in Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s office. After eighteen months of interviews with Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, the quotes from him were a big pile of unorganized papers in a shoe-box containing only my hand-scribbled notes before I edited the straight dope and made it ready for a good-experience publication. To use some words of novelist Curtis Sittenfeld: I might be guilty for the intrusive nature of what I am telling, but every single thing in my investigation is plausible!

I selectively report word by word what I had penciled down during the intimate ‘interviews’, in which he had a penchant for screaming at me. I also played the devil’s advocate by brainstorming and debating the tongue wagging of Chairman Peter Booth Wiley. I gave his nonfiction words satirical interpretations and use the method of dramatizing and narrating. My sarcastic undertones fall under the protection of the First Amendment. It’s a new kind of investigative journalism, where obsolete rules where thrown out. I use an intermediate standard for publishing, since the quotes from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley do not lend themselves to firm corroboration. Should I fact-check my ‘Deep-Throat’ with U.S. authorities?

Today the position of no-good-for-anything Chairman Peter Booth Wiley is: admit nothing, deny everything, and make counteraccusations.

As editor I was not only
participant in reconstructing and the artful arrangement of the conversations, its perverse drama of unwanted soap opera homo-sex (there was no DSK-button in his office) and the Chairman’s alcoholism, but also commentator to turn John Wiley & Sons’ ugly history into sophisticated literary journalism. Any reader would have come up with the same interpretation had it been his investigation based on interviews, in which he tried to get answers from Chairman-no-shame Peter Booth Wiley.

Find out the story behind the story: Black-ops textbook publisher John Wiley & Sons is snooping with Orwellian intelligence methods on its own employees. No matter what the human cost, greed rules at John Wiley & Sons. Quote from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s Mission Statement: "We can intercept telephone conversations, supervise e-mail messages and get through a contractor banking information". Demagogue & Chairman Peter Booth Wiley thinks rules do not apply to a spy merchant. For him profit means more than to the meanest whore; what Peter Booth Wiley, craving for power with the eyes of a herring on ice, cannot buy, the misanthrope in a flesh-presser’s profession steals.

The self-proclaimed “fifth and sixth” Wiley generations at John Wiley & Sons were hunting - unprecedented - for in-house employee dissidents at John Wiley & Sons’ NYC offices in the 1960s. "I secretly searched through offices; my daddy had a contractor monitor homes when necessary". Daddy W. Bradford Wiley was blessed with social-Darwinist brutishness; he became paranoid about his stock grubbing critics among John Wiley & Sons employees.


"My daddy’s branch of the family was so far removed from the line of inheritance [at John Wiley & Sons Inc.] that all he got was the name Wiley" said the privileged son of an unprivileged son while crossing and recrossing his legs.   Daddy Wiley’s attachment to the heirs of John Wiley & Sons was not ‘real’, theirs was not his blood; he was a model of self-creation. He had grown up in a rural New Jersey two-room house with concrete walls and an outdoor latrine shared with a trailer park next door. But power-hungry ‘Jackpot Daddy’ would expertly and efficiently enriched himself in Glimmerglass New York City with twenty percent of John Wiley & Sons shares, which he grabbed from legitimate John Wiley & Sons Inc. shareholders. These were Daddy Wiley’s high-times of cream and dumplings - while shamelessly breaking wind.

This mundane reality explains why ‘Daddy Wiley’, before his forced retirement, was beggaring the career chances of John Wiley & Sons’ key employees with fat dossiers. "Our employee monitoring system pays instant results up to this day were we use more sophisticated methods". John Wiley & Sons has become a human-rights crushing industrial publishing machine.

With serious educational deficits, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley [besides being ‘out of the labor force’, the best low-skill service job he ever a got on his own was as a ‘less-than-full-time’ taxi driver] and his low-IQ siblings are not the cream of educated society. Their stupidity is not staged; Daddy Wiley, for good reasons, had explicitly forbidden his two sons to work at John Wiley & Sons!

One of the siblings is a degenerated idiot and was kicked out from college, because failure for him is not only an option but a habit. He is unable to compose a comprehensible sentence. Befitting for a member on the board of directors at John Wiley & Sons, his writing skills are at the low end of Fishtown public-school curriculum; his trembling hand produces scores of misspellings – unless, for example, he signs with an X. Childless brother/director Bradford Wiley II was eligible for America’s Eugenic Board sterilization program, where genetic engineering was applied between the years 1933 [when Hitler came to power in Germany; he abdicated w/ a bullet to the head in 1945] and 1977. America’s ‘Human Betterment League’ of wealthy businessmen such as ‘Daddy Wiley’ financed the eugenics program and 70 percent of the sterilizations took place after 1945.

The other two fertile Wiley brother/sister academic Wunderkinder of rather low mentality were left unfairly behind by "rising academic standards" and graduated only because of the generous donations made by their "Daddy". In short, they are all blissfully detached from academic standards.

The Wiley country-bums [Bootleggers for Generations] from a bad place aptly labeled Fishtown in New Jersey were just very distant relatives to the New Yorker publishing family Wiley [Knowledge for Generations]. According to the Chairman, the reason why the bootlegger Wiley clan was able to grab & keep control of the publisher John Wiley & Sons lies in the bootlegger family’s “small gene pool”. Or shall we say the bootlegger Wiley clan is the unlucky winner in the genetic lottery for an extremely “small gene pool”? Certainly there is a moral leprosy built into the DNA of the bootlegger Wiley clan. Although the Chairman never mentioned incest for the “small gene pool” of his bootlegger clan, he didn’t rule it out!

But that is not all: "My ancestors were British royals" said the uncrowned king of asses and pointed to some drawings of ‘royals’ on the walls of his S.F. home. The aging paranoid Chairman wants out of his inferior criminal underclass identity. What he wants is a fake entrée into aristocracy and identify with royals. Or did Chairman Peter Booth Wiley mistake his bootlegger family tree with the restroom doors in Disneyland royally marked ‘Prince‘ and ‘Princess‘?

Chairman-wannabe-royal Peter Booth Wiley was dragged up by rude, unpleasant, psychopathic parents of criminal origins - so let’s just say faux royals! Peter Booth Wiley might be as perverse as some British royals, but this is as far as royal British relations go. Maybe Peter Booth Wiley, the pinstriped effluence from an ex-bootlegger family, had a royal syphilis? Signaling the depth of his longings for a blue-blooded ancestry, Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, who smelled vaguely fishy, scratched his from blue hemorrhoids ridden royal rear end with a long sigh of relief again and again and again!

Anyone can be blue blooded in America.

That’s America’s exceptionalism!

But let’s come back to John Wiley & Sons. Electronic stalking of employees with Global Positioning System tracking boxes replaced Daddy Wiley’s monitoring of homes. GPS is a common corporate tool in America and turn U.S. workers lives into the proverbial open book.

Surveillance will get even better in America come 2015, when privately operated drones can fly the US skies under new Federal Aviation Agency law. This will allow John Wiley & Sons’ SWAT team to celebrate aerial spying on employees with state-of-the-art routine monitoring practices. ‘Daddy Wiley’ will roll over in his grave with satisfaction, worrying a little less about ‘criminal’ employees gossiping how he got his shares in John Wiley & Sons.

John Wiley & Sons treats his national and international subsidiaries like sweatshops. All quotes from Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s support his mission that the “fifth and sixth” Wiley generations should become the richest and happiest family clan in the world.

Should John Wiley & Sons be held accountable for crimes against human rights, just as individuals are? The Alien Tort Statute might soon allow victims of John Wiley & Sons’ snooping to find justice in American courts.

"Through an American security contractor we collect fingerprints from overseas employees". "... Details about the past five employers..." "…The previous three addresses..." "…Medical records indicating any trouble..." "…Travel destinations for the past five years..." "... Reported income and expenses..." "… Migration background and country of origin..." "I have this information put together as soon as we acquire a new company." "…That’s in violation of the privacy laws but improves our security..."

That’s pretty much in line with IKEA’s snooping on its employees in France. Chairman Peter Booth Wiley’s narrative striptease is such a bundle of hate all in one place! The burly bearded and tattooed American textbook people from John Wiley & Sons are just unpopular like the Ebola virus!

Whilst the middleclass is being eliminated, Chairman-Darth-Vader Peter Booth Wiley’s mind has hardened into hatred against all John Wiley & Sons employees.

Shake John Wiley & Sons’ employee spying system to its roots and expose thin-skinned White-Trash Chairman Peter Booth Wiley, known for his weakness for the bottle.

A reader’s poll gave John Wiley & Sons a 10 percent approval rate, lower than BP during the oil spill. Book readers, take the gloves off and punish the snoop-snoop-snoop perpetrators at John Wiley & Sons. Throw a monkey-wrench into their Gutenberg press.

"And they conspire to silence us" — Rainer Maria Rilke

Appalled by what you've read, silence is not an option

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