ROYAL RASTAFARI FAMILY PINNACLE- UPDATE Greetings: June 16th, 2009 we’ll celebrate the Earth Strong (birthday) of the Founding Father of the Rastafarian Movement, Dr. Leonard Percival Howell at Pinnacle Groundation Site in Sligoville, St. Catherine. A press conference will be held that day to bring awareness to private and public sectors in Jamaica and abroad. June 25th, 2009 at noon in the Spanish Town Magistrate’s Court the case with the St. Jago Hills Developers continues. Together, we will win as we protect the unity and promote the harmony. In April 2009, Jamaica National Heritage Trust drafted a declaration for Pinnacle Site to be a National Monument, “Heritage Site.” Is this progress??? Some might say it is and some will say it is not. I n I would like to think that it is progress. WE ARE NOT WHERE WE WANT TO BE BUT WE ARE NOT WHERE WE USED TO BE Give thanks to the Almighty Creator, the omnipotent, supreme one, my ancestors and all my Action Jackson brothers and Sisters who had a part to play behind and on the scene to make this a reality. It is amazing, when we put our gifts/talents together we’ll all benefit for our good. I pray that we can work and focus on the goals ahead with conviction, respectability and continuity for the common good of our children children children. “Love and “LIGHT” Sister Catherine Howell For More Info and Bio on Hon. Percival Howell: And: Also on utterli: PINNACLE HOME PAGE:
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