From The Original Million Woman March & The Official National/International Million Woman Movement Black History Month 2008 Activities (Partial Listing) Philly, PA Black Student's, Youth, and Young Adults Forums Tribute To The Black Student's Contribution to the Civil Rights Movement & Black Liberation Movement and Their Necessary Roles Today. Critique and Examination of the Black Youth and Student Organizations in 1960's-70's Special Sessions/Training on Reparations, Community & Grass Roots Organizing, and Poli-Sci for Beginners Forum and Symposium on Student's Rights & Human Rights Did you know that there are specific guidelines that were developed to assure the rights and freedom of STUDENTS. Do you know the grievance process at your school of interest? Why is it important that these guidelines and related mechanism be known, functional, and readily accessible today Sessions will be available for: Jr-Senior High Students, College/University Level Students (and related programs) and the community at large Forum of US Political Prisoners & COINTELPRO What is the COINTELPRO program, how did it affect the movement for Black/African Liberation in the US, and why are there people, to this day, who are still incarcerated primarily because of there political views and activism. (some who are victims of obvious trumped up charges, and some who have been locked down for more than 30 years) The Role of Black Women in the Black/African Freedom Movement: Past Present, and Future Forum: An examination of women of African descent, throughout the African Diaspora, who fought for the civil. human. and universal rights of Black/African People. Obtaining Optimum Health Dialog on African, Oriental, Traditional, and other Holistic Healing Modalities. "Natural Foods Cooking Class" and "Vegetarianism For Beginners Class" Community/Family/Nation Building and Healing Through African Art & Culture Sessions include: "Spoken Word, Poetry, Storytelling, Jam Session and OPEN MIC NITE" "Meeting of The MINDZ" Forum & Debate Do We Need/Can We Build a REAL Black United Front /Progressive African People's Coalition in Philly ? Community/Village & Generational Wealth Building Forums: Focusing on the greater development and sustainment of necessary financial/monetary functionabilty and related resources. Keeping the dollars in our Community, supporting and developing more conscientious Black businesses/entrepreneurs Note: Some sessions will be hosted at physical locations, others will be on-line chats, telephone conference forums, and online radio forums Specifics will be posted on or around Jan. 24, 2008 To volunteer, get involved, or for more information e-mail:
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