'Twas The Night Before Election 2012



(based loosely on the rhythm & rhyme of Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore)

(c) NOVEMBER 5, 2012

Twas the night bfore the Election And in every house
The people were shouting Keep Obama in the White House!!
He helped us when the economy tanked and we were in despair
The Bushes were laughing and didn't give a care
Wall Street was pampered while Main Street was dead
Visions of homes, jobs and auto workers were all ripped to shreds
People bought homes that were part of a trap
And now were losing them in a mortgage security gap
The first Presidential debate was full of Romney chatter
The President seemed quiet, but that didn't matter
The mendacity of Mitt-Twit was salacious and brash
Cause he was not for WE THE PEOPLE, just partisan cash
The anger of the people was beginning to grow
Cause his on-camera "caring" was all just for show
And what to our wondering eyes did appear
But the puppet master strings so blatant and clear
And a conniver named Rove so sneaky and slick
That he, the Kochs and Bushes had tried  every underhanded trick
They tried to stop votes with bogus I.D. scams to reduce the amout,
They own vote counting machines so they can miscount
They lied in Wisconsin, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania
The media, newspapers, television all carried Romneymania
And he said he'd cut out the 47% and make sure they didn't get one red cent
Romneysia is a recurring condition; he lies about lying, with no truth admission
He'd cancel FEMA, PBS, Big Bird, Medicaid & Obamacare
Let the the Elders eat vouchers; what does he care?
He'll send all the jobs to cheap Chinese & Latin Americans for hire
You think unemployment's high now, he'll make it even higher!
He's torn down more companies than he's ever built
He's run businesses into the ground without any guilt
He's running on a record he never attained
The UAW is suing him for outrageous profits he obtained
More rapid than eagles Obama's forces they came
He counterd aend shouted and made Romney/Ryan look lame
Now Michelle! Now Hillary! Now Eric! Now Clinton!!
On Nutter! On Jesse! On Kerry! on Colin and too many to mention
To the top of  world respect!  to the top of the wall!
Now dash away, rep-ughblican delays, job blockages and all!
As dry leaves before hurricane Sandy did fly
He and Chris Christie and took to the Jersey sky
So over the submerged houses with FEMA they flew
And he made sure Jersey & New York had aid that day before he was through
And there in a twinkling we all saw the proof
Romney/Ryan was fallacy - Obama/Biden is truth!!!
As the independents vacillated and waited around
Obama's leadership in education, health & foreign affairs still abound
He's clothed in vision & purpose from his head to his foot
He's brought the soldiers home and our jobs back to boot!
A bundle of aid for Americans he did not hold back
Like the leader he is, he protects us from lack & attack
His eyes, how they twinkle, his smile reassuring
His vision is keen, is strength so alluring
He has a strong friendly smile at least a mile wide
He looks you in the eye - he has nothing to hide
He has a mellow way of talking He makes you feel calm
He takes responsiblity; protects the country from harm
He looks out for women,  disenfranchised, the middle class and the poor
He's done more in two years than most have done in four
He's taken lemons and given us lemonade
He takes responsibility and isn't afraid
When he speaks his words, you know it will work
To not vote for Obama, you'd have to be a jerk
He's for All Americans, not just for those
The rich, right wing rep-ugh-blicans chose
So as we get up to slay the ones who don't give a whistle
Just remember to vote Nov.6, because this will
Be the most important thing you do
When you cast your vote for the country
that's YOU!!
So let me exclaim before you turn out the light
Re-Elect Barack Obama by Tomorrow Night
Gloria Dulan-Wilson
(c) November 5, 2012
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