Initially, I searched the internet for actual videos of the opening ceremonies of the Empire Exhibition of 1938, to compare against the scene of such portrayed in THE KING’S SPEECH. The movie does not show the Duke of York’s entire speech; it only reconstructs the difficulty he had delivering such due to his speech impediment. Dictating the speech, I felt need to share some of King George VI’s words with fellow Americans as we struggle to keep our economy afloat and the engine of capitalism of this great nation oiled and running:
…The exhibition is an empire undertaking. We do well to remember that it owes its origins and to a great extent its execution to the people of Scotland. It is a significant act that the plans were being prepared at a time when this country was still under the cloud of a long industrial depression. For this reason alone, many people would have hesitated to embark on a scheme of so wide and formidable scope. But, in addition, the fact had to be faced that this exhibition would inevitably challenge comparison with those held at Wimberley, New Zealand and South Africa. Yet Scotland was not daunted; for that has never been her way. She believes that the best means of avoiding trouble is to provide against it; and that new enterprise is the safest insurance against the return of depression. It is in this spirit that the exhibition has been built. And I see in it, the symbol of the vitality and initiative upon which the continual prosperity of Scotland must rest. I have spoken first of Scotland; but I am well aware that without the generous help and support of the rest of the empire, this exhibition would not have been possible. It now stands before us to testify of that willing of cooperation which I would rejoice to think that is the hallmark of the Commonwealth of Nations. As confident as I am, that this great exhibition can make a real contribution to the general well-being, I have the greatest pleasure in declaring it “open”.
[Retrieved 5 May 2011:]

These words, spoken almost 75 years ago inspire to not stutter in providing quality Trade Show Exhibits for our customers, here and abroad. The tradeshow is a place where business starts and trickledown economics ensue. It is our hope that this speech-in some small way- will provide the same ‘industrial’ motivation for you and your company. We may not be a Commonwealth of Nations; but the common ‘wealth’ of our nation can best be insured-as The Duke put it- by new enterprise.

Remember that despite 1938 being one of the wettest summers on record, the Exhibition still attracted 12 million visitors. As you attempt to build a successful marketing campaign; we feel confident that partnering together can create trade show exhibits that will help increase attendees to your booth, no matter the economic forecast. As the King overcame a speech impediment with the help of a coach and friend; we can overcome impediments to a growing business climate with the same.

If you wish, you can view an interactive map of The Empire Exhibition of 1938 at The Digital Design Studio, a postgraduate and research centre of the Glasgow School of Art specializing in 3D visualization, created a 3D model of such in 2005 with research funds awarded them by The Arts and Humanities Research Council. As you view this electronic reproduction of an impressive work of industrial art, remember that our modern day tradeshow and the trade show exhibits they house are in part, spinoffs from these magnificent events created by human beings persevering under trials and facing the ensuing threat of war. It is our belief that that same fighting spirit has followed man (and woman) into the 21st century.


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