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By definition, a booth-of any type- usually denotes a structure whether temporary or permanent, for the purpose of vending something. Food booths at a fair; toll versions on highways; the ticket ‘box’ office at a concert; they all dispense something to the consumer in exchange for currency of some type. While there are automated versions, such as the photo kiosk at your local mall; most are manned. At, we understand that trade show booths are much more than just a backdrop for peddling your wares. They often provide the face and image of a company to a very large audience.

While much attention is often paid to the exhibit design itself, graphics and overall layout; rarely is the same attention given to flooring. Linda Musgrove, The Tradeshow Teacher, advises to think outside the box when selecting flooring for your booths- to not always stick with the same old thing. In light of April being National Foot Awareness Month and the toll a tradeshow floor can take on your souls; we share some of her explanation for exhibiting options available for under foot, in her article TradeShow Teacher’s Flooring Tutorial:

Single Color Carpet: When selecting carpet for purchase or rental, you should always select a color that will complement your corporate colors and image. There are many styles available: basic, deluxe, premium, pristine, shaggy, etc. …

Digital Carpet: This type of carpet gives you the ability to have photo-realistic, printed graphics on your carpet. She advises to select an image that will create emotion or surprise for the attendees; lure them into the booth.

Logo and Inlay Carpet: You can have your corporate logo, tagline, product name or a creative, attractive design custom inlaid into the carpet. A great way to continuously brand your company and makes your Trade show Booths look professional and well thought out.

Floor Mat Carpeting: These can be used to make an impressive entrance area by adding your logo or messaging to the design. A great option to focus interest particularly if you have a reception area or stations where attendees view presentations or demonstrations.

Interlocking Flooring Tiles: Foam interlocking carpet tiles, having the ability to easily lay down in creative styles, in a wide variety of color combinations. Very comfortable to the exhibitors/attendees walking around the booth; a welcome change for the feet from the hard aisle carpet/ cement floors in the exhibit hall!

Hardwood Flooring: Typically provided as modular, interlocking panels that are easy to assemble; available in a wide range of wood finishes. Sets your exhibit apart from the majority of exhibitors that use carpeting; the look is very polished and stylish.

Snap Flooring: For a very trendy and edgy look. A great option is the diamond plate pattern in silver, which looks somewhat like metal. It has a very industrial, hip look to it.

Stone Looking Flooring: Typically made with a strong combination of fiberglass and urethane. A durable product with a great classy look to it. This will prominently set your booth apart since not may exhibitors use this style. Stone Flooring is a good way to create an environment, rather than ‘just an exhibit’. perseveres to stay on the cutting edge of the latest exhibiting strategies and promotional trends. We can offer many creative suggestions if you find yourself experiencing ‘exhibitor’s block’. Next time you are at a show or other marketing event, take notice of Trade show Booths that seems to be catching everyone’s eye; then give us a call so we can began putting one together for your next venue. Exhibittrader2 selling spectacular Trade Show online is our business. We also offer a wide variety of eco friendly Trade show Booths.

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