Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Libya.. Ongoing wars and a blank check written for spending. Military hardware manufacturers must feel like they’ve died and gone to capitalist heaven….

But there’s another war being waged that will seldom receive worldwide news coverage commensurate with the above wars and never be given the funding that these other “perceived conflicts” obtain… Or for that matter a fraction of it

That is… the war for the lives of A Generation of Black men living (and dying) right here on U.S. soil urban America.

Now …why should one view the plight of young Black men here in America as that of a “War”? 

The reality that young Black men presently face here in America’s urban centers is not only tantamount to war, but a protracted war, a battle that has been waging for many decades.

The exposure of many young black men to an ongoing environmentally induced conditioning process, breeding self-hatred, drug and alcohol use and various forms of violence, all set the stage for life (or death) here on the urban battle field. 

Social science and educational experts have not yet been able to fully equate just how much of an impact the many  factors found prevalent throughout urban warzones have on the psycho-spiritual and physical development and well being of Black youth. Or at least.. have not, or will not develop the comprehensive, strategically “master” plan necessary that will prepare black youth with the necessary tools and armor to stand toe to toe with the many adversities and adversaries found on the battlefields in which they live.

As we examine our collective condition closer we then may better understand why this has been and continues to be the case.

According to a  study released by the Council of the Great City Schools, by the fourth grade only 12 percent of Black male students read at or above grade level, while 38 percent of white males find proficiency in this academic area. By eighth grade its just 9 percent for black males, 33 percent for whites. Black male students are twice as likely as white males to drop out of school. And in many urban cities the dropout rate is above 50 percent.


Many children in the school systems of America are being diagnosed “or mis-diagnosed” with conditions known as ADD, ADHD and DD (defiant disorder).


In the Black community there is an overwhelming phenomenon taking place. Everyone has a child or knows someone who has a child (or two) who is on the verge of being medicated or has fell victim to the legal drug pushers. Many of our female comrades, the mothers of these young men, have no clue what to do. So they go along with the plan. Drug em..and keep em quiet .


Children of the war zone are being proscribed medications with many known and obvious side effects, much of the time without follow-up or proper and full diagnosis. These side effects can range from sleep disorders and insomnia, weight loss, loss of appetite, irritability and heart problems. In young people who may be already susceptible to depression there may also be thoughts of suicide. This can be referred to as the urban communities version of  “Gulf War Syndrome”


The enemy behind the lines are the pharmaceutical multinationals, their agents and their many vendors, who stand to make enormous net profits out of every single individual diagnosed and young Black man medicated. This dollar figure must then be multiplied by the tens of millions to get a true feel for the multinational profit margin. No harm, no foul…after all….We are at War!


And in all wars somebody has to lose …In this case young Black men and the Black community as a whole.


Upwards of seventy five percent of black children in America are raised in single parent households where no father is present (National Center for Health Statistics).

This reality helps set the stage for the young would be lawyers, doctors and community leaders to instead become new victims of a system already in place way before they were born.

It has been determined that approximately one third (33%) of African American males born after 1991 will spend some time during their life incarcerated (Department of Justice).


If a US soldier is taken prisoner of war (POW) in Afghanistan and is then lucky enough to be released, he is then usually welcomed home as a “hero” by his peers and his countrymen.


We find a very similar dynamic which takes place in the urban warzone as wave after wave of young men “POWs” go in and out of the juvenile and adult prison system. Many of them coming home each time to be greeted with love and accolades by old friends and family,(comrades) happy that they were able to survive the enemies camp. But then what?


Over ninety five (95) percent of Black men released from corrections return within the first five years of being paroled. There are thousands of black men who have spent their entire youth in juvenile institutions and then as an adult in the Prison Industrial Complex. They represent the epitome of human exploitation exhibited through the privatized, for profit system of corrections, which in short represents modern day slavery. Many of us have become willing volunteers for this aspect….of the war zone..  

3828524897?profile=originalBlack men in the United States have the shortest life expectancy (69.5 years) of all other racial and ethnic groups,  averaging over six years less than white men who live 75.7 years (2005 National Center for Health Statistics)


The number one cause of death for young black men15-24 year old is homicide (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


 In the war zone it can be viewed by many as a badge of honor to show that you have the nerve, the killer instinct to shoot down another Black man in cold blood….and live to talk about it. Many who do so find the same fate, getting shot down themselves as the cycle of violence continue to escalate in uncontrollable fashion.


Guns can be found real easy in wartime.


 As everyone in the black community knows “we don’t make no guns” but yet every Black urban community faces the same dilemma. Young men caught in the cross hairs. On one side, brother killing brother, on the other side police killings of unarmed Black men continue to rise.    Mothers continue to cry, funeral homes and parlors are big business here… in the urban war zone..3828524980?profile=original3828525008?profile=original

Dietary Warfare

Like those who they emulate, many black children consume  high-fat, high-sugar synthetic foods that have been proven scientifically unsafe even  by corrupt American standards. 3828524997?profile=original 3828525022?profile=original Young Black men in the US are more obese and at risk for more types of preventable illness and disease than in any other group on the entire planet.

Young brothers as young as nine years of age, representing the potential future leaders of our communities,  are being diagnosed in record numbers with conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and  type 2 diabetes .Reports have also surfaced from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding pesticides levels and children.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Academy of Sciences, standard chemicals are up to ten times more toxic to children than to adults, depending on body weight. This is due to the fact that children take in more toxic chemicals relative to body weight than adults and have developing organ systems that are more vulnerable and less able to detoxify such chemicals.

And there is more disturbing news for the parents of  the many young geniuses whose greatness is being suppressed through chemical intoxication.

In blood samples of children aged 2 to 4, concentrations of pesticide residues are six times higher in children eating conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables compared with those eating organic food. And in addition, over 300 synthetic food additives are allowed by the FDA in conventional foods. This includes can goods, packaged and frozen foods and meats.

None of these chemicals are allowed in foods that are USDA certified organic. But as you know we must keep an eye on them. 

Living in the war zone!.

Lack of physical activity combined with "standard" meals means too many  of our young soldiers are suffering from poor health. As it stands each generation gets worst. The future, with each and every bite.. is looking dimmer.
3828525056?profile=originalWar produces an entire economy. Every item needed for war must be provided. This includes planes, artillery, tanks, uniforms, the latest technology and plenty of food for hungry soldiers.

Not only is our community a target for gun manufacturers and hustlers to dump weapons in (plan for genocide), cartels in cohesion with corrupt agencies to dump illegal drugs in, the target of excessive pollution from industry and factories effecting the health and well being of our children (environmental warfare) but also the “nuclear bomb” of community attacks….which involves synthetic, hormone and toxin filled fake foods around every turn and on every corner in which we live. We see this high saturation of dietary death all around us as the ultimate form of attack, of “Chemical Warfare” against the community and particularly our youth. We are indeed fighting a war for the lives of those present and also for the many generations yet unborn!


A pro-active struggle


In that the purpose of this communication is a pro-active one, we will not remain forever in dialog regarding the reality of the established condition. But let’s face it, we are in deed at war…an all out, do or die battle for the minds, spirits and the very lives of our young men.


It’s easy sometimes to get caught up focusing on the problems, this taking into account all that we have and continue to experience down in the fox hole.


There are however some very distinct essentials that we need to put in place in order to assist in dealing with this reality and changing forever the landscape, the terrain, of the present war we find ourselves in. If we can find the strength…if in fact we can muster the will.


Let’s establish some basic elements our young Black men (and women) need to prepare for the battle that has been waged against them:



 Our youth need conscious family and community guidance, this whether their biological mother or father is present or not.


Our youth need proper and fulfilling educational institutions with caring and concerned instructors/leaders. 

Our youth need character and esteem building cultural programs that will give them the many missing tools they need to be well rounded men in this day and time. To be able to stand toe to toe if necessary with racism, indoctrination and all out lies regarding who we are, where we are from, and where we should in fact be going as individuals and as a people. (go to:  for progressive youth development).

Our youth need exercise and fitness programs throughout our community and the re-establishment of adequate gym (fitness classes) in all schools in our community and throughout the country.

Our youth need proper self defense training that will assist them with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves, their families and community….furthermore the ability to stand in the face of aggressive ignorance that they will undoubtedly encounter and also defend intelligent, conscious ideals and decisions. 


Our youth and their families need proper dietary education and counseling so as to be able to ward off the generation scourge of obesity, high blood pressure and other various preventable illnesses plaguing the Black and Latino communities across America. As a direct result of these improper dietary practiced our children are being diagnosed in record numbers with a host of illnesses that will follow them throughout their lives and on into the next generation to come, literally being led to slaughter. Our children need our protection from the use of this form of advanced chemical warfare against them.


Now in the effort to step outside of mere rhetorical dialog and philosophical jargon we would like put forth a basic format that can be used and or duplicated, in any city, county, state or area of the Nation where we find our people, particularly young Black men. Our people are in need of all the armor and ammunition we can get to fight this battle.

This is the foundation of a much needed plan. No, we did not say this is “THE PLAN”, it is a plan, a starting point for the many organizations, schools, churches, masjids and agencies that find themselves spinning their wheels, never obtaining  the necessary traction needed to create the order, the organization , the workable process to fight against such an overwhelming adversary. (See attachment for Plan)


You already have a plan…great …Just what a conscious person wants to hear. Put it on the table. Share it with the community. Make it available so that we can take from it that which is applicable to assist in this critical situation.


To all of the Black mothers, be proactive. Don’t think that you should wait till your son begins to hang out or get into trouble or that the war will just cease to exist as a result of your being able to move to a more affluent neighborhood or town. Although affluence does have some bearing, if we look a little closer we will see that these drugs, guns, gangs, and police executions of young Black men are to be found in every city, county and state throughout America.


We have been trying to run from it for generations, but just like the grade school bully it keeps catching up with us. We try and find another route….but hear he comes again. It’s time to stop running brothers and sisters, acknowledge that we are in a war “Strap Up”…. and fight for the lives of ourselves and our youth.


We need concrete strategies on all fronts. We are far past the stage of political posturing, photo opptation and mental gymnastics. It is time now to step up to the plate to do this work.  



To our Brothers……. please forward this communication and info to every Black parent with young men you know.


To our sisters….please do likewise. But also forward this communication to all brothers who you know who would be willing to assist in the trenches in getting this work done.


Let them know that the next generation of doctors, lawyers and teachers…or….gang  bangers, thugs and potential young Black male corpses await their next move and decision.  Time is of the essence.

For more information about the STEP organization, to donate to this worthy cause and or to volunteer in this critical mission, please contact us at:


Phone: (973) 842-8212


On the web:


Only those who are truly serious about assisting with the progressive, proactive, holistic development of young black men need apply.


Brothers…this is to share with single mothers with young Black men.

Sisters…..this is to share with the progressive Black men in your circle.

Parents….this is to read with you sons….and grandsons.

Young Black men….this is to read and share with your peers

We have work to do!


From the Battlefield!

The Brothers Of S.T.E.P.

Step Inc <> 


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  • Great and timely article, thanks for posting, I want to share some video series by Dr Yaffa Bey, and Brother Taj Tarik Bey, I believe there are 21 videos in the Dr Yaffa Bey series and a part two, she also has a presentation entitled: " How To Survive The Fall Of Rome " both can be found on you tube, there was no embed code available so here are the links:

    Note: These presentations are not intended to recruit anyone to any particular groups, the knowledge provided is extremely important to us, if we are to free ourselves from the genocide upon us, Globally.

    Pt 1 of 22?



    These are very informative presentations and the information provided is needed if we are going to put and end to the conditions described by:The Brothers Of S.T.E.P.

  • NYMetro

    What about our young men stepping up toward God? For Black men to know our history is to know God. Just as there are many religions and denominations in the West, let it be known that there are many Gods in the African traditional religion as founded by our ancestors. I think we need to know about these Gods and please do not tell me they are pagans. For starters what about Ptah, Osiris, Isis, Amon Ra, Aton, Obatala and the others that fit into the pantheon?


  • South

    I love this article, it is right on the money and speaking truth to power!  Just as in ancient Egypt during the biblical saga of the ORIGINAL Israel, our black men are once again the prime target of a racist regime.  Ancient Egypt was a prototype for today, under the reign of this modern Egypt.  This all out assault on black men is happening all over this world, even in Africa where we read about the assault of the hutu tribes upon the Tutsi tribe.  Black on black crime--as in the beginning (when Cain assaulted his brother; since all creation was black) has reached an all-time epidemic and appears to be heading towards total annihilation of the black race.  Thank you for such a timely and critical article, and many thousand thanks to you, Kwasi for posting it.


  • Chicago-Midwest
    Great! I will participate, and share.
This reply was deleted.