THE REPUBLIC OFNEW AFRIKA IN THE NEWS[Excerpt from The Newport News, Volume 2 Number 4 June 1983] Republished in The Words Acts and Deeds of Khalifah: A Selection of Writings of Khalifah 1982 to 1992”No Rights Reserved: circulate freelyBy H. Khalif Khalifah……..- News Analysis….Part OneThe RNA, Republic of New Afrika, has been very much on the minds of the general U. S. population in recent months. This is mainly because of the aborted “Brinks robbery” in Nyack, NY in the fall of 1981. But the strains of thoughts about the “New Afrikans” who actually moved on to the territory they are claiming to establish a totally independent, sovereign “republic [in North America] have captured the imagination, pro or con, of Blacks and Whites since August of 1971, when an attempt by the state of Mississippi, with U. S. marshals, was made to “stamp them out,” resulted in the death of a state trooper and the wounding of several others.As NY police and the FBI turned up suspects in what is described by the suspects to have been an “expropriation” some turned out to be avowed, known citizens of “The Republic of New Afrika.” And no doubt, as such, the U. S. government as well as knowledgeable individuals, were sure that this “expropriation attempt” would be used by the U. S. to continue its efforts to destroy the RNA, which from indications in the Black nationalist communities in the U. S. is growing in influence and power.The growth is despite (some say because of) the fact that, as a consequence of the 1971 shoot out, 11 of it’s members were [unjustly] sentenced to life in prison; and its (RNA Provisional President, I. Obadele, also jailed for 5 years.At least four of the suspects [in the brinks expropriation], currently on trial for criminal conspiracy in federal court in NYC, have demanded to be treated as “political prisoners” who were captured as a result of actions they were carrying out in “armed resistance to the United States legal oppression of its Afrikan population.”The essence of the legality of the RNA claim for separation of Blacks who identify with their objectives (establishing a new nation), is that when Black chattel slaves were freed in the U. S., back in 1865, the right to decide their own destiny were denied hem: the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were enacted by the U. S. Congress as legal attempt, under U. S. laws, to enfranchise the freed Black people who were brought to the continent against their free will over a period of 400 years.The RNA contends that “you can’t be free if someone lets you be free” [so said Brother Preston Wilcox, of Afram Associates). In other words, Blacks in America will not be free until they have the right to decide whether they want to be citizens here of elsewhere. They base these assertions on international law, as related to the occupation of a land by the resident majority of a particular people. The RNA has also sued in U. S. Counts for the entitlement of this right.[END PART ONE – PART TWO WILL BE PUBLISHED AFTER THE FUNERAL OF Dr. Obadele, who died on January 18, 1010. If you don’t want to wait, buy the book and turn to page 46] Khalif Khalifah lives on a farm in Southampton County, Virginia. He is a former 6-term member on The National Board of Director of N’COBRA, 1996 to 2002. Co-Chair of the Human Resources of N’COBRA, Contributor to ENCOBRA magazine and Liaison for N’COBRA to the Million Man March, October 16, 1995. Like Dr. Obadele he has written several books himself, one of which is called “A Brief History About N’COBRA & The Reparations Movement.” Another is “The Words, Acts & Deeds of Khalifah: Selected Writings 1982 to 1992;” He has also been the Publisher for more than 600 books that are written, by for or about Black people’ as well as hundreds of thousands of newspapers, magazines & etc. over the past four decades.
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