Pan-African consciousness, racial allegiance, and sense of sacred historical obligation are the missing elements in every school, church, and university that Blacks have inherited from their slave masters and their colonizers. And it should not come as a surprise that the slave-master will not teach his slave how to escape. As should be expected he will only teach his slave how to be a better servant. Is it any wonder that the main spiration of the typical educated Black is to get a "big job" working for the white man? Is it any wonder that on attaining such posts his main loyalty is to the white man? It also should not be a wonder that the churches that have been inherited from the slave master always keep the focus of their flocks away from the thinking of pan-African philosophers such as Marcus Garvey, and fill their heads instead with the vain hope of supernatural deliverance..after they are dead.

Black nationalist consciousness, racial allegiance, and sense of sacred historical obligation would overturn the role of Black servitude in the world today, so it is to be expected that such thinking would not be encouraged by the religion and education that has been received from The White World

But because of these missing elements of consciousness within our colonially-inherited education systems the average youth is DISCONNECTED FROM ANY SENSE OF HIGHER PURPOSE, alienated from any sense of historical and moral obligation, and removed from any sense of noble destiny. In truth, it can be said that the main reason why the class barriers to education have been relaxed today lies in the fact that today's slave masters needed slaves that can type, use computers, and follow his orders more efficiently.

In the present neo-colonial system, education has therefore become a tool for selfish class advancement and not a tool for liberation of the wider disadvantaged society, and by the mere fact of their vulnerable dependency on being hired, the educated become non-responsive to their wider moral and historical obligation to speak and act on behalf of the masses of their people.

The unspoken mantra of the educated thus becomes:

"Deaden your conscience and learn to become less sympathetic to the cry of the poor. Distance yourself as much as possible from them and blame them for their "uncouth and uneducated" behavior, and also blame them for remaining in their wretched condition.

Try to develop a close relationship with the rich in order to better yourself  personally, and if you are going to fight for anything, fight to extend the privileges of the rich to the middle class.

Deaden your sense of moral obligation and disassociate yourself from the struggle to correct the historical injustice that continues to keep the majority of your people poor.

Be careful not to speak too openly about justice. Do and say nothing that would offend The Owners. Avoid matters of racial concern, and think only about ME, MYSELF, AND MY PERSONAL FAMILY.  

Model your professional attitude after that of the slave-master and become a successful exploiter."

In a very real way that nobody cares to admit, the slave master has successfully passed on to his slaves a religious belief that exploitation of labor and exploitation of fellow-man is an acceptable and honorable practice. You therefore leave school with the ambition to become a successful exploiter or to assist those that are successful exploiters. Selfish pursuit of the dollar is stamped into your psyche as the main purpose of life, and yet we bemoan the callous attitude that is so much in evidence amongst the youths of this day.


History bequeaths to every generation a particular moral and historical obligation. If your fore-parents benefited from slavery your moral and historical obligation is to correct the disadvantages that have been handed down by slavery. If your fore-parents were the victims of slavery it is your moral and historical obligation to take their struggle further in the process of  removing every disadvantage that has been handed down to the broad masses of your people by slavery. Under normal circumstances, as a people who have been stripped of name, language, land, culture, history, and racial allegiance, this moral and historical obligation would lead the educated person to a vision of Pan-African nation building. If you are not lead there it is because your schooling and your religion are the vehicles of intellectual neo-colonialism, and neo-colonialism is the abnormal cancer that blinds the educated ones to this sacred trust.

Instead of producing noble character the Oxford and Cambridge education produces replicas of the vampire, inculcated with an individualistic focus, with no sense of loyalty to anything bigger than HOW MUCH PERSONAL PROFIT CAN I MAKE, even if it is at the expense of the rest of the society around me.

The undeniable truth is that if you have inherited your education and your religion from the same Devils that built their kingdom on invasion, robbery, slavery, genocide, and all manner of crimes against humanity, you definitely need to question and examine the  settings of your moral compass.

If you have been fed with an education and a religion that basically sanitize the history of crimes against humanity that include robbery, genocide, and slavery, it is logical that despite the semblance of "development" the society will be characterized by crime, violence, disloyalty, and inhuman pursuit of self interest.

Some may ask, but how do our religion and education SANITIZE the history of crimes against humanity that include robbery, genocide, and slavery? And the answer is BY THEIR CAREFULLY CULTIVATED SILENCE ON THE EFFECTS of the greatest crime ever committed against any people in the annals of human history. Both school and church have collaborated in hiding and blotting out the connection
between past acts of barbaric inhumanity and their present racial consequences.

By their silence they collaborate with the Devil in disconnecting the past from the present. By their reluctance to step up to the forefront in educating the masses about the sacred right of reparations they are collaborating with The Devil in making the unfolding tragedy that engulfs African people globally look like some strange disconnected act of fate, accident, or intrinsic inferiority.

That is the silent and criminal conspiracy that has made it so necessary to go to such great lengths to argue the case for Black reparations. All of the institutions handed down by the slave plantation have criminally endorsed THE RIGHTS OF STOLEN PROPERTY.

It is no wonder then that Black Nationhood and Pan-African thinking are complete strangers to the blindfolded masses of disinherited slave-descendants.

by Ras Jahaziel


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