White Supremacy and its control over us have always been our ruin.

Perhaps someone else can reiterate our experiences better, but of a truth, no one can articulate this repressive subjugation better than descendants of Slaves.

I am ashamed that by now our educated Brothers, Sisters, attorneys, and Congressional Servants who are fully aware of the history of the Slave Trade and Black History in these United States have done nothing to raise consciousness to our long-standing torment and decline. Many descendants of Slaves believe that because some of us have decent jobs, homes, and cars that we are so-called “well off”. Economically a lot of us are doing well, but the great majority of us are horribly impoverished, homeless, and eating out of the garbage – not to mention this generation of our youth is suffering a devastating failure. They are involved in drug and alcohol abuse, are incarcerated, and are in gangs killing our own people. We are indeed at the bottom of the Totem Pole and living in a cesspool of Hell in every urban city in the United States.


What’s worse is that we have a significant number of our people in Congress, but they have no real authority or power to act in our behalf. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, incessantly touted “Change” during his campaign only to use that platform to get into office, make himself rich, and deliberately cut programs for the poor (as did Bill Clinton). Plain and simple Obama belied “Change” and left needy descendants of Slaves in the same shape they were in when he entered office. By no means are Blacks in government willing to make waves and address all the suffering we bear: injustice, police brutality, racial profiling, racial bias, discrimination, mass incarceration that plague Black People in country. Unfortunately there are no Congressional Bills endorsed to end injustice and/or improve our livelihoods and Ghetto communities in “America the Beautiful” – the “Greatest Country on Earth,” said Michelle Obama while campaigning for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. My, how we have been duped!

“H.R. 40-116 Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans” lies dormant with White Supremacists hoping that descendants of Slaves will forget about this Bill and will amuse themselves with TV, sports, music, and/or movies – anything but our FREEDOM, REPARATIONS, and JUSTICE for the atrocious and cruel Slave Trade.

We know this, and White Supremacists know this, as they decisively and resolutely sustain division and White Privilege for their dominance, leverage, and recognition over us. Unbeknownst to descendants of Slaves, Blacks will never, ever be associated with Privilege in America and much less White Privilege. Hence, we will never rise above White Rule and control over our people in America, the so-called “Land of the Free”.

We are all aware of our plight, but we do nothing, and we are no doubt the only people on Earth content and accustomed to oppression regardless of how much we have been harmed by it. I’m not at all satisfied with the status quo of our lives in these United States. Moreover, this is not a place for raising our children who desperately need to be re-educated in Black History and taught, in conjunction with the academics, how to build bridges of good will and charity, live in harmony with other people and nations, and first and foremost above all, learn to love our own.

Therefore, I appeal to Brothers and Sisters to meet to determine a remedy that will make a difference in all our lives. I know this is a most difficult task at the start, but there will never be a fair resolution for us in these United States if we don’t at least try to improve our own dilemma. There is no remedy for racism and race hatred, and sadly both these acts are killing us. I have said it before, and I will say it again: a Black Wall Street outside of these United States is our only chance to create a better life for descendants of Slaves.

A famous African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” And this is where we have to start. We have to start determining what’s best for our children, if we are ever to re-educate our youth to transcend this dreadful life in which we live. We have to start a New Movement NOW, as it is imperative that they first learn to love themselves, desire to become model adults, and people with integrity and dignity in their hearts to teach the next generation.

Remember, many of our children and grandchildren are already adults and many are in serious jeopardy and living under abhorrent circumstances. And as far as our children in elementary school and high school are concerned, we know the statistics concerning high school dropouts and all the other bad news that follows. There is no prosperity for these kids, as White Supremacy designs and ensures a way for them to fail – inferior schools – in order that our children have no place in these economical, social, and educational systems. And what’s worse, we have no representatives for descendants of Slaves in this government to whom we can air our concerns. It should not come as any surprise that no one represents descendants of Slaves, and no one even claims to represent descendants of Slaves, either!

If we have no voice in government, we have to establish one for our children, grandchildren, and for ourselves. It is ridiculous for us to give up and leave our people to go to the grave in this racist country without fighting for the best change available to us. We must come together and determine the necessary actions to take that will end our captivity and subjugation in these United States.

The US Constitution and government were established for White Supremacists. I know some Blacks think they are as privileged as are Whites, but truth be told, they delude themselves.


“I hold that a Negro is not and never ought to be a citizen of the United States. I hold that this government was made on the white basis; made by the white men, for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever, and should be administered by white men and none others.”

Democratic U.S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, 1858, and future Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, 1860.

Blacks must live by the White Man’s “Laws of the land” – constitutional, governmental, educational, societal, and cultural. Descendants of Slaves have no authority to determine anything worthwhile for ourselves and for our communities, and worse we lack power and even any form of self-determination in this country. Are we so indifferent to our state of affairs that we are satisfied with this life of White Supremacy that is in control of our livelihoods and resources? There is nothing about these United States that we should condone and/or emulate.   Though we live in this country of untold wealth, given our degrading status there is neither future nor hope here for us.

Blacks ignorantly feel that the ballot can change our afflictions and hardships. Well, we’ve been voting since 1870, but nothing has changed the race hatred and our oppressive state of affairs in this land of White Privilege. If we don’t gather to plan for the betterment of our own people, given our present impotent state, no one else will, and then our dismal fate will never come to an end.

No matter our religious beliefs, we must ban together. It is incumbent upon us to make a difference in the lives of descendants of Slaves in this country and in every Slave Nation. If we will not do for ourselves, our enemies certainly won’t.  It is our human right to seek FREEDOM and demand JUSTICE for our forebears who were kidnapped from Africa and brought to these shores. It is our human right to be resettled in order that White Supremacy does not rule our lives. It is our human right to leave out of this captivity if we so desire to do so.

What will our children say about us if we will never choose to be our own nation(s) and prefer to stay so-called “African Americans”? Think about it! Descendants of Slaves are the only people who are not of their own nativity and real estate. This is outrageous. Have we not been the tail and our enemies the head and without our own voice and convictions for long enough (Deut.28:32,44)?

We’re the only people who do nothing about the oppressive state in which we live not just in the United States but in all SLAVE STATES across the globe. There is strength in numbers; consider the people who ban together to end corruption in their governments, who demonstrate against higher costs of living, and who protest for higher paying jobs. We can demonstrate and DEMAND FREEDOM and JUSTICE for the kidnapping of our people to this land and for the centuries of ENSLAVEMENT forced upon our forebears that has left us captives of a most heartless and merciless government, police force, and society in these United States. Our fight for our lives will most certainly be seen around the world, and certainly other descendants of Slaves will chime in on our fight for FREEDOM and JUSTICE.

If we stand and ban together, we will make ourselves heard, and those who choose to Exodus will be free of this racism and Hell! GOD would not have exposed all these cruel, White oppressive rulers and their affliction upon us, if HE did not want us making efforts to leave out of this captivity that sustains our suppression.

Let’s end this complacency and fight peaceably and intelligently to prepare a new life for descendants of Slaves, i.e., start our own “Group of Seven (G7) - an international intergovernmental economic organization” that seeks prosperity for Black Peoples.


No one can speak effectively about our suffering and pain better than we can even though our subjugation and misery is an open book. CNN runs an annual “Freedom Project” that exploits the true meaning of SLAVERY and FREEDOM. In one of their advertisements is a little girl comparing Slavery with being “pushed around”. This CNN Project minimizes the barbaric Slave Trade that reached across the “Four Corners of the Earth” and does nothing to detail the atrocities of White ENSLAVERS who raped the Slaves, killed millions of Black Slaves, maimed, beat, and bred Slaves like animals, worked them from dusk to dawn, and lynched and burned Slaves alive without consequence. These CNN promotions do nothing to address FREEDOM for the descendants of Slaves or an end to our present heinous captivity that resulted from the Slave Trade.  

It would appear that CNN News is attempting to erase the real truth concerning Slavery. However, when I hear this CNN advertisement, I consider the Ghetto set up for descendants of Slaves, the inferior Black schools, the inequities, unjust incarcerations, unjust US Supreme Court, unjust police departments, and unjust government that have no compassion for descendants of Slaves. There is no American Dream to speak of for us but rather despair and gloom at every turn. This is depressing, as there is no one or any organization serious about our circumstances and our petitions. Nevertheless, there is a better life that awaits us. It’s just not in these United States.


Easily we can hold weekly meetings on Paltalk.com to discuss this matter and choose officers or have them volunteer to work towards our accomplishing these endeavors, even going before Congress to demand our petition for FREEDOM, REPARATIONS, and RESETTLEMENT. We need dedicated Brothers and Sisters who have it in their hearts to be activists who will make a difference for our people. Let me be clear; everyone should have a chance to speak and be heard, and every suggestion should be respected.

Please do not let this opportunity to discuss our FREEDOM and self-determination fall by the wayside. Indeed there have been many conferences on this topic, but unfortunately they have gotten nowhere. For the sake of our progeny, we have to make this one work.



KIDS dressed as Slaves rapping about going to Washington for their REPARATION'S CHECKS:


Reparations – The Real Young Prodigys @youngprodigys

Believe it or not, but yesterday (Oct.28,2019) I had thoughts about millions of us going to D.C. dressed as Slaves to demonstrate for REPARATIONS. GOD WORKS IN STRANGE WAYS!!!

[I already know what I will wear!]








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