The Key To Getting Hired When No One Is Hiring

Is Unemployment Hurting You…and the Ones You Love?


This new book details a young man’s search for employment when no one was hiring and how the ingenuity of his grandmother helped him to get a job.  It is also a key that unlocks the door to information and inspiration regarding sacrifice, saving, self-pay and do-for-self suggestions to getting employed. 



What people are saying about this book . . . 


“Challenging times call for critical thinking and strategic planning. “The KEY” is a true story born out of necessity, compassion, and love. Peggy Burns offers her readers guidelines for practical problem-solving solutions with a twist. This is a book you will never forget and will leave you with a sense of empowerment and hope. The message is one of resilience and perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. “The KEY” is a reminder that difficult periods of our lives are actually a “call to action”, a time for focused mental, spiritual, and emotional energy, and a time for taking inventory of “the best of yourself” and your goals. It was Aristotle who said “In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” 

—Lydia A. Henry, Certified Professional Coach, 

Founder, Vision Coach Dynamics, Coaching and Consulting, U.S.A. 


“Peggy Burns, whom I refer to as Nana Peggy, has come up with some very innovative and attractive ways to find work when businesses are not hiring.  It is always a good idea, if one has the means, to negotiate with a potential employer and offer to underwrite the usual salary.  What businessman would turn down such a lucrative offer? 


Also, the job sharing idea is a wonderful gesture of generosity and goodness that is rare to see in this day and age of “what’s in it for me?”  Her spirit of love and giving is rare and beautiful...All in all, I think the several suggestions could prove to be a boon to those in Bermuda and in other places as well, if people have the willingness to share and make sacrifices so others can earn a living.” 

—Wesley Barnard, Production Manager 

Inspire Film Productions, U.S.A. 


“As an advocate of cooperative economics and a Licensed Financial Strategist, I must say I was a bit giddy reading this piece.  The financial strategies that Nana Peggy [Peggy Burns] used to obtain or maintain employment here are tried and true.  They also reflect her dedication, her character and, most importantly, her love. 


Love is the driving force that fuels “THE KEY TO GETTING HIRED WHEN NO ONE IS HIRING:  Simple Strategies to Open the Doors to Employment.”  This writing is a golden example of what can be done with love.  Using the powerful wealth building advice given here is key on a personal level, but it takes love to be thoughtful enough, or open enough to do this!  Mass unemployment and underemployment is a huge issue and Nana Peggy gives us the opportunity to think a new thought on how to neutralize the situation.  We all benefit from this piece.  It’s an enjoyable read.” 

—Chinyere T. Norman, Licensed Financial Strategist 

Advanced Legacy Concepts LLC., U.S.A. 


“If you or someone you know is serious about wanting to get a job, master the content of this book and you will practically guarantee your future employment success.  Peggy’s story is a thoughtful, encouraging guide to creating a job opportunity that welcomes achievement. She has crafted a radically fresh master blueprint that is instructive, practical, and highly do-able—gleaned from a real life experience with her grandson. It should be required reading for any parent or individual with even a faint desire to get a job. Very simply, Peggy is giving this generation and the next the passport to getting employers to say “yes” when everyone else is saying “no.”  No easy task! Bravo! Bravo!!” 

—Gerry Foster, Brand Strategist, 

Creator of the Big Brand Formula and Founder of the Big Brand Academy, U.S.A. 

“Peggy Burns or “Nana Peggy”, as she has become warmly known to so many of us, has been a champion for the highest good of humanity in Bermuda for decades.  At her core is a genuine, deep and abiding regard for the welfare of others.  Examples may be seen throughout the pages of this must-read book:  “THE KEY TO GETTING HIRED WHEN NO ONE IS HIRING:  Simple Strategies to Open the Doors to Employment.”  Devour the contents of her book and expect to learn, grow and benefit from its offerings by this wonderful Bermudian.” 

—Jamahl S. Simmons, J.P., M.P. 

Media & Public Relations Specialist, BERMUDA 


“Peggy gives you a front row seat into her unique life and shows you, with practical examples and original sources, how to make impossible things happen.  Wisdom is salted liberally through these pages and the ending is delicious.  This book is wonderful.” 

—Jason Webb, Registered Patent Attorney 

JP Webb, An Intellectual Property Law Firm (formerly Webb IP Law Group, PLLC), Utah, U.S.A. 



Published in 2015 by Peggy Burns in conjunction with Done For You Publishing.Com, and is available for purchase at $14.99 on: 

You may reach out to Peggy at peggyburns48@gmail. com 

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