Video Footage from the Javad Jahi Brigade of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement to Haiti for the 2010 Black August International Exchange

Discussion with Wilson Mesilien, Director of the September 30th Foundation and MXGM Press Conference on August 26th, 2010

The discussion focuses on the ongoing case of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, who was disappeared in August 2007, the work of the September 30th Foundation, and the strategy of the popular movement in relation to the upcoming “demonstration” elections in November in Haiti.

Video Segments of Wilson Mesilien

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Part 2:

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Part 4:

For more information on the September 30th Foundation, Wilson Mesilien, and Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine visit

Video of MXGM Press Conference

Text of the full Statement

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) is an organization of people of Afrikan descent in the United States who believe in fighting for and supporting self-determination and human rights for Afrikans in the United States and around the world. Our organization annually takes an international trip to build solidarity with other people struggling for liberation and social justice. This year, we come in solidarity to Haiti (with the people of Haiti).

Our objective was to meet with Haitian people and popular organizations and assess the current situation in the camps and throughout the country seven months after the earthquake.

What we have found is appalling. There is a lack of security, deteriorating health conditions, and inadequate access to food, water, medicine and education in the camps. We are particularly concerned about the lack of safety and the large number of reported rapes and violent attacks on Haitian women and children in the camps.

Numerous Haitian people living in the camps have reported that aid groups and Non-Governmental Organization’s (NGO) have provided inadequate aid after millions were collected by the U.S. government (through the Clinton/ Bush initiative), the Red Cross, the United Nations and a multitude of NGOs.

We demand that the US and Haitian governments, and so-called aid organizations, be held account able and immediately collaborate with the popular organizations of Haiti for the distribution of much needed relief to Internally Displaced Haitians.

All the people we encountered in the camps and the popular movement continuously raised concerns not only about the deplorable health conditions and lack of long term planning but also the need for free and fair elections in Haiti that include lifting the ban of Fanmi Lavalas from the upcoming elections, creating a legitimate electoral council and allowing the return of Jean Bertrand Aristide who the people still view as their legitimate leader.

MXGM supports the demands of the Haitian people and popular movement. The current situation is untenable and is a violation of the principles of democracy and human rights.

MXGM opposes the banishment of Dr. Jean Bertrand Aristide from his homeland and supports the consistent popular demand of the Haitian people for his speedy return. We oppose the occupation of Haiti by the United Nations and call for the freedom of Haitian political prisoners. And we support the demand for France and the U.S. to pay restitution and repa rations to Haiti for slavery and centuries of coercion, and economic exploitation.

We will organize our communities in United States to help end the conditions we witnessed and to build the new Haiti envisioned by the people’s popular movement.


For more information on the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti visit

Purpose of the Delegation

Javad Jahi was a leader in the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, based in Oakland, California, who engaged in consistent solidarity with Haiti from 2004 until his untimely death in November 2009.

The 2010 Black August International Exchange of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement was named in his honor. The trip was from August 20th-August 27th. The purpose of the delegation was three-fold:

1) To deepen relationships with popular organizations in Haiti who are not only rebuilding their nation from the devastation of the earthquake but are involved in a longer struggle to realize a participatory democracy that serves the interest of the people.

2) To support the Haitian people in rebuilding their nation by working with organizations on the ground while in Haiti, and providing continual aid and resources over the long term that can support the work of several designated organizations.

3) To document and bring international attention to the work being done by the popular movement in Haiti to rebuild the infrastructure and institute participatory democracy and self-determination.

For more coverage of the delegation see report from delegate from Kamau Franklin at–-building-solidarity-with-the-flood/

For more general information on Haiti visit the Aristide Foundation for Democracy or the Haiti Action Committee at

More footage of the Javad Jahi Brigade will be posted on Facebook at kaliakuno periodically over the course of the next 3 weeks.

In Unity and Struggle,


Friday, September 17, 2010

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