The Destruction of White Supremacy

Part One of my new book will be read, Sunday Nov. 6, from 10am to 11am sharp; a discussion, questions & answers 11am to 12 noon.

      Of course Reparations/Expropriations and other aspects of the Just Law (MAAT) is topic # One: the premise for the entire 417 page book is "Black people have all the knowledge needed to win our Liberation. Struggle: Since "Knowledge, indeed is Power, this is not the problem.

        “The Problem is the lack of understanding of the Knowledge/Power. In other words the understanding of Knowledge/Power begets the equivalent WISDOM to utilize the Essence that is in the Knowledge/Power

 (U + K = W). If you have a large degree of understanding; or small degree, that is the amount of Wisdom you’ll have to act on the essence of the Knowledge/Power.”

        The "Text" is based on The Wisdom of the Universe, synthesized from translations/interpretations of Ancient Kemit, as well as other Spiritual and Religious expressions of Humanity.

     To Buy a copy of the book and read along, go to updated photos are at the websites…


Listen to "The Acquisition And Prope..." hosted by Khalifah from the NAT TURNER LIBRARY on 11/6/2011 10:00 AMEDT #BlogTalkRadio


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