By Gloria Dulan-Wilson  
Hey You Guys!!!!!
You know, my good friend Jack D. sent these to me, and I tried to send them out to everybody via regular email; but apparently they didn't come through as I had intended.

So I guess this is truly a bloggable moment that could not be denied.

Most of the middle class, as well as those who are economically challenged, have grown up on Sesame Street.  We know and love Bert & Ernie; Big Bird and Grover, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Mr. Snuffalufagus, not to mention Elmo as well as we know our own families


So when Mitt-Twit Romney and those of his ilk begin to threaten our family members, while at the same time maintaining that demonic smile, it could not help but send chills down our spines as to who among us he was targeting next. 

He apparently thought Sesame Street was a safe target, because kids don't vote.  But he forgot one thing: THEIR PARENTS DO!!!  AND WHEN YOU PICK ON THE KIDS, YOU PICK ON THE PARENTS, TOO!!

Can you say EVIL, boys and girls?????
How do you spell EVIL:  R-O-M-N-E-Y!!

And it appears that there are those in his corner who can neither add nor fathom how insipid and uncaring he really is, because had they done so, they would never have posted him as the winner of the debate, because every day, as the facts and truth continue to emerge, he is being seen for the loser/LIAR that he is.
So the residents of Sesame Street are not too thrilled at the prospect of being evicted from their homes after lo these many years.  Nor should the rest of us sit idly by while one of the most stable communities, that has given so much to millions of children in the US and the world over, is threatened by the bulldozer mentality of Mitt-twits, who will line their pockets with ill gotten gains, lie in your face about how much they are going to do for you, and  be the first ones with the crane trying to pave you over for a parking lot, while they sun it up somewhere off the continent.

CAN YOU SAY, STOP ROMNEY, BOYS AND GIRLS?  Stop Romney - moms and dads!

VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA - MOMS AND DADS!!  Your kids are depending on you to do the right thing.

Not only because Big Bird, The Count, Elmo, Grover, Oscar, Miss Piggie and Kermit deserve to live in an America where all are treated with respect, but because the most important vehicle for education, learning and innovation is about to be ground under the heels of greed and ignorance. 
Let's not forget CURIOUS GEORGE,BETWEEN THE LIONS, ELECTRIC COMPANY, and other great shows; as well as the wonderful McLehrer News Hour, documentary, animal shows, science discoveries and other shows that are presented by  PBS.  
Apparently as long as the 5 Romney boys' dad has money to pay for private tutors, and education, these things don't matter to them; but they sure have made a great difference in millions of lives.   
Even the FIRST LADY, MICHELLE OBAMA has been on Sesame Street!!  If Romney is made President, she won't be able to visit there any more; and there will be millions of sad boys and girls - not to mention we grown ups who love KEEPING UP APPEARANCES, and the VARIETY OF classic MOVIES we get to see every week; as well as CLASSIC SOUL AND R&B CONCERTS; MORE TENORS, COOKING SHOWS, etc.  
So, we can't let that happen, can we boys and girls?
So make sure you talk to your parents and tell them that MITT ROMNEY IS BAD FOR AMERICA; BAD FOR SESAME STREET; BAD FOR YOU AND BAD FOR THEM.
TELL YOUR PARENTS TO VOTE TO RE-ELECT PRESIDENT B-A-R-A-C-K  O-B-A-M-A (BARACK OBAMA) on November 6 - So he can save Sesame Street, PBS, and America from the evil Mitt-twits.
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson 
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