TD Jakes Commits $5,000 To Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks, Having Vigil On Top Of Abandoned Chicago Motel To Purchase For Church Community Development

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The Internationally known religious leader Bishop TD Jakes today committed $5,000 to the Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks in his efforts to secure the necessary funds to purchase a now closed motel for a new positive community development center. The motel was once a major attraction for gangs, drugs, and violence. Black Wall Street leader Mark S. Allen, a veteran community political activist says that this Thanksgiving season a great time for the Black community to prove its thanks to God for having an over $70 billion dollar consumer spending power in Chicago alone, and uses its collective financial resources to help Rev. Brooks finally purchase this property for the community. Allen says that the religious community across the city could take up special collections and pledges as they do when they raise funds for reward funds for crimes to be solved, and we have gospel radio hosts who could use their time and others to get the public to donate funds, and finally we have our major media outlets who have this campaigns against crimes whose companies could donate as well as publicly challenge other funding sources to come forward. "The first major donation by Rev. TD Jakes is just an example of what can yet come to help Rev. Brooks, said Allen"


Local Pastor to Take Vigil on top of Abandoned Motel
by Danielle E. Willis on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 2:47pm


For Immediate Release: November 21, 2011


Danielle E Willis



Local Pastor to Take Vigil on top of Abandoned Motel



Chicago Church Works as a Change Agent to Transform Neighborhood Crime Haven


WHAT: In an effort to bring attention to the extreme violence on Chicago’s south side Woodlawn and Englewood communities, a local pastor with a membership of over 3000 is camping out in a tent on the roof of an abandoned motel for 21 days or until the funds are raised to build a community center through Project H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Obtain Destiny).


WHEN: On Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. Pastor Corey Brooks and New Beginnings Church of Chicago are taking it to the streets and bringing light to why this community center is needed.


WHO: Pastor Corey Brooks and New Beginnings Church of Chicago


WHERE: New Beginnings Church, 6620 King Drive, Chicago


WHY: The street King Drive, was named after African American leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to pay homage to his dedication to ensuring that the rights of African Americans in America were given to his generation and beyond. Ironically, that same street is home to drugs, extreme violence and prostitution, as well as many families who suffer from economic hardship. The 66th and King Drive location was once home to the Super Motel, which allowed prostitutes, drug dealers and criminals to do business; this prompted the neighboring New Beginnings Church to take action!


New Beginnings Church formalized a community initiative called “Operation Shutdown,” partnered with local police and the city of Chicago and played a major role in closing the motel. Today the fight continues as the church works hard to build a community center and thriving businesses where the motel encouraging crime once stood. Pastor Brooks believes “If the community changes, the people will change.” At the heart of this movement is “Project H.O.O.D.” a campaign spearheaded by Pastor Brooks and New Beginnings Church to replace the motel with an oasis for the residents of the West Woodlawn community.


When asked why the campaign, Pastor Brooks said, “This past Saturday, at my church was the funeral of a 17- year-old boy, murdered in this neighborhood. During the funeral, shooting broke out right in front of the church! During the funeral, I made an appeal to STOP the violence and 4 guns, one of which was a semi-automatic weapon, were turned in at the altar.


I can’t sit back and let another resident of this community endure any more violence. On this Tuesday, my church will bring the reality of what our people live to the forefront, and show why this center is needed. There will be 10 caskets lined up in front of the church representing the 10 teens killed in our community this past summer. I will be camping out on the roof top of the motel living in a tent for 21 days or until the funds are raised.” Project H.O.O.D. will focus on Helping Others Obtain Destiny and restore the village values our community has lost. A host of local politicians, pastors, community leaders and residents are expected to be in attendance.


Reporters, photographers and camera crews are welcome. ###

6625 S King Drive Chicago, IL



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