Rapper Hurricane Chris in the La Legislature

Hummm! Is this the best we have to offer? I don't quite understand his reasons for being there. And what's up with the Godmother? She doesn't seem to speak good English herself. Did I hear her say 'mens'? As I recall, I was always taught 'men' is already plural.It's time for our community to realize that recognition is not always a symbol of positivity, but rather a facade. This is no different than painting our face white and tap dancing across the floor for entertainment. Do we really believe this is success? I don't think so. This is a case of belittlement and a way to allow others to laugh and make jokes behind our backs. Let's not be fooled by the recognition, money and fancy material things that go along with this. This does not constitute success nor freedom, but rather a way to keep us mentally oppressed and challenged while others keep their foot on our necks. WAKE UP!!! Surely we can do better than this.People, let's educate and motivate our children. Allow them the opportunity to see their options in life. Whether a CEO, Investor, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Scientist, Secretary, Athlete, Entertainer, Politician etc. - - be the best that you can be! But whatever the choice may be, keep it sensible and constructive. Let's not make a spectacle of ourselves and our community.Finally, let's not be taken aback by the fame and fortune. And parents, let's not be quick to be proud of our children when we think or if in fact they are making 'great' money. If making great money is through the means of making an 'ass' of ourselves, than I consider it a deal with the devil. There are so many vital elements to life other than fancy things and fame. Come on PEOPLE!! Wake up!What are your thoughts? Please by all means share!
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