Rape: A Teachable Moment for all of US

To all men: It is a teachable moment for you and for you to teach your sons and their sons. Steubenville. Todd Akin. Unspoken GOP ideology on rape -- aka "legitimate rape." Apparently men -- and some women on CNN -- don't seem to know what rape is. Dictionary definition of rape is compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. 2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person. 3.statutory rape --which is forced, coerce, groomed, or any other form of sexual encounter with a minor age child through age sixteen. 4. to force to have sexual intercourse, inclusive of marital partners. seize, take, or carry off by force. Legal definitions of rape vary from state to state, for example in Ohio, rape includes digital penetration.

But let's be plain so everyone understands: RAPE is when a woman -- or man -- says NO to sex, refuses your advances, is impaired by drugs or alcohol, IS A CHILD (there is no such thing as a willing child, for any of you deviates and socio-predators), is mentally and/or emotionally impaired, is a minor offered by adults or glances at you in Walmart, and you sexually engage them by force, through grooming, by taking advantage of their incapacitated state, by taking advantage of a child willing to do anything for attention -- one of the more reprehensible acts, right next to a mother offering her child for sex so that a man will stay.

If you are a teenager, coercing your girlfriend and in some cases your boyfriend, into having sex by bullying, calling him "gay", calling her uptight, telling her if she loved you she'd let you "do it," threatening to date/have sex with someone else, consider that rape. Because it's not voluntary and did I mention that underage sex is statutory rape, even if you're underage too? If convicted, you may get to have your name on a list of sexual predators for life. Which will affect your ability to live in many places, get a job, have a real relationship with someone you actually love when you grow up. See, decisions that feel good for a moment can create a lifetime catastrophe. By the way, in case no one mentioned it to you, those sex parties you kids have when your parents think you're at school? Round robin sex, oral sex, all of the above is sex. The likelihood of you getting an STD or worse is pretty high. There's no need for an HPV vaccine if you have control over what happens to your body. Come to think of it, mothers need to get involved in this conversation; daughters too. One digressing point: a child is still a child even when she is physically developed. Stop referring to girls as women and speaking of a child with the language " if she were a few years older I would..." That you are looking at a child sexually, even if you aren't acting on your thoughts takes you one step closer to being a predator, even an emotional pedophile.

I just saw the comment made today by the South African Catholic Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier: “From my experience, pedophilia is actually an illness. It's not a criminal condition, it's an illness," claiming that the two priests who were pedophiles were abused as children. So let me get this straight as my head explodes: Because they were abused, it justifies their abuse because now it’s an illness, not a crime. Where is the condemnation of child abuse. What, now being a predator of children is an illness? From what I've read, calling it an illness is simply justifying the actions and claiming the harm to the children is "minimal." The so-called studies I've seen thus far are odious and clearly biased. I suggest they may have even been done by pedophiles themselves. See, my next question is: Is he justifying his own actions or the actions of his peers? How long will the heads of the Catholic Church continue to condone it? How long will Catholic members continue to condone by proxy, refusing to leave the church or speak out against it? Sex with a child is rape. Rape.

There is no such thing as "legitimate rape" which is a term coined by people attempting to justify an illegal act against women with the myth that it's not rape if a child results from the rapist's act of violence. That so-called conservative politicians continue to attempt to insert this nonsense into law is in itself reprehensible and women should take note. Because anyone sticking anything in a vagina that does not belong to a consenting adult (see above) is a RAPIST.

Final thoughts: Rape isn't about love. Rape isn't about sex. Rape is all about power and an underlying hatred/anger. Rape is about cowardice, insecurity and in some cases complete ignorance. Make sure you, your children and your children's children know what rape is legally, morally, ethically and show your children that they set the standards for how they're treated. Rape is rape.

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