“If you find yourself staring at your calendar and pondering which over-lapping trade show event you should attend because your company has only one trade show display in inventory-and time/money are an issue-then a one-time rental decision may be a good decision. But if a further look into the year reveals the same situation repeating more than twice, then the same dollars spent on renting a trade show display could approximate the purchase of the same.

Storing a display can be an expensive prospect-especially a large, custom built exhibit. Pulling the same from storage and prepping for a show can be time consuming and labor intensive which equates to dollars. With rental, the first disappears and the second is not a separate “line item” on your invoice; but is most often incorporated into the rental package(s). Considering the compactness, durability and ease of erection with the vast majority of modular exhibits today, most can be stored on-site or in a small storage facility. A large percentage of our clients set up their own Trade Show Display-eliminating the need of hiring outside labor. Instillation and dismantling cost are often “included” in rental packages; but do not confuse this as “free” but as “incorporated” into the price charged.

Shipping is a reality that will not go away with rental or purchase. Shipping your own exhibit from show to show and back again; or paying to ship someone else’s property to the venue site will both be an expense. The booth has to get to the show site-be it rental or not. The cost will be passed on to the client. Shipping is often confusing at best; with rentals someone will handle a part or all of that aspect for you, depending on the agreement with your exhibit company regarding show services. Either avenue can produce the same worry “lines”-timelines, deadlines and late lines. The caveat here is to ensure that the exhibit company you choose is well experienced in the realm of shipping Trade Show Displays components; and that they partner with reputable, reliable vendors for their clients shipping needs. has years of experience in all aspects of the trade show industry-including shipping. If you are testing the waters of this world for the first time; or if you are uncertain of what type of trade show display will best service your needs, we can help. Rentals can be beneficial in testing a certain exhibit model to ascertain it is a specific fit for your venue. If your rental choice proves correct, then the purchasing process can proceed with confidence. Contact one of our display consultants to discuss the many options-for both rental and purchase- available to you through Our display representatives work hand-in-hand with customers until their exhibiting components are a great fit.

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