Phila Assoc Black Journalist members get valuable U.S. Census data use training

Facts are important in life. They are especially valuable in the field of journalism. Tonight the PABJ held their monthly meeting and was trained in the fine art of the use of United States Department of Commerce , U. S. Census Bureau data interpretation systems and tools.  

  The group held it's monthly meeting at the Philadelphia Inquire / Daily News bldg. 400 N. Broad streets and had a presentation by the Partnership Specialist of the Philadelphia region. Ms. Jenaye M. Flamer share the tools and the collection systems of the department. Ms. Flamer covers the region that encompasses the states of New York all the way to DC. 3828523323?profile=original

 This information also has data about black businesses. The membership president Sarah Glover, Dr. Germaine Edward, Melanie burney, Donald hunt, Manny Smith, Denise James, Chris Murray, Denise Clay, J. Wyatt Mondesire, Porsha Grant, Earl Harvey and a host of undergrads and other professionals discussed PABJ business and was treated to a excellent training.


Jenaye provided the group with the latest information on the Census data releases and an overview of the 2010 Census data products. This information will be of great use to journalist and media professionals, both of whom may use this information in their reporting media workflow. 


"The PABJ membership is nearing a all time high", stated Melanie Burney, during her membership, budget and fundraising report. if you check the website you would be surprised as to whom is a member both locally and nationally. 

Chris Murray gave a passionate report about plans to continue meeting with the regions Philadelphia Media network managers. "the lack of diversity continues to be evident in the press boxes locally." Also the lack of diversity representation in the administration and management circles of the major media outlets is glaring. I personally have been involved in the efforts of breaking the glass ceiling of the media world. Being a person of color, and getting press clearance and access is a daunting task, even if you are certified with media and press credentials. My work is used but being hired as staff is a merry go round, long hours, to compete seems to mean little to the decision makers in the Philadelphia region. I have found having college credentials and decades of experience does not guarantee access, amazing. I and others have had to resort to social media to get our work published. Being deaf and disabled does not help matters any in my case, but , I will continue as I feel the next generation will benefit from my struggles for equality.


While the big bucks go to others is very disheartening to broadcast media students across our region.

I have watched many people attempt to make a living in the field and give up and change careers as the jobs offered are to few and far in between. Philadelphia is fortunate to have a experienced group like the PABJ to continue to give hope and advocate for the future media personal that are still in high schools. I wonder if and when will it change. The small radio stations are being shut out of the airways as the large corporations gobble them up. The struggle continues...

The group is fresh off a Social media event, that had two panels that outlined the procedures and resources that journalists and media professionals needed to maintain the excellence that the field requires. The group has a number events scheduled for the 2011 calendar.



  • Strengthen ties among blacks in all media.
  • Sensitize the media to biased news coverage.
  • Promote diversity in newsrooms.
  • Sponsor scholarships for black high school students interested in journalism.
  • Honor excellence and achievement in the media.
  • Offer workshops to enhance the skills of black journalists.
  • Offer workshops that teach the community how to gain access to the media.
  • Expand job opportunities for black journalists.


Philly-area journalist, media professionals and students-

You are invited to a networking mixer below:

  • Philly Media Mixer "Let's Meet and greet!" Friday , February 18, 2011 @ the Pen and Pencil Club 1522 Latimer street- Philly,7-9pm or until. Cash bar and dinner menu available, limited street parking but parking lot next door
  • The Association of Black Journalist Convention & Career fair comes to Philly August 3-7, 2011. Let's get acquainted!
  • PABJ Black History Forum: Celebrating the History of the black Quarterback in Philadelphia is being scheduled as well.
  • PABJ recognizes exceptional future journalist with scholarship awards. In 2011 , PABJ will award multiple scholarships with at least one $2,500 and additional $1,000 awards to be distributed at the discretion of the Scholarships committee. Deadline : Postmark by April 21, 2011, 
  • PABJ- attn: Scholarship- P.O. Box 8232- Philadelphia, PA 19101
  • Questions: pabj-scholarship@gmail.com

Visit PABJ  www.pabj.org , is a 501(c)(3) organization 

About PABJ

The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists (PABJ) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1973 by journalists concerned about the lack of black journalists in the media and the dearth of coverage of the black community.

Become a PABJ Sponsor!

Reaffirm your organization's commitment to diversity and assist PABJ with its community outreach programs and college scholarship program. Your sponsorship goes directly toward assisting these initiatives. For more information: please visit PABJ's 2010 Corporate Sponsorship Package 

Corporate sponsorship contact: Sarah Glover, president@pabj.org
Small business/individual/raffle contact: Germaine Edwards,secretary@pabj.org
215-854-4224 PABJ phone line 


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