Panare Killed Jesus Because They Were Wicked''',,,,,


"He who controls the printed page controls the thinking of the age." - Dr. Ray Hagins

Here is more evidence of this fact...

Christian missionaries, travelling in the mid-1970s (a little over 30 years ago) to the Colorado valley, found themselves unable to convince the resident Panare Indians to accept faith in Jesus Christ. To overcome this dilemma they took to compiling books for the natives to read in their mother tongue, however, it was quickly realized that before the Indians could be made to accept repentance and salvation THEY HAD TO BE GIVEN SOMETHING TO FEEL "GUILTY" ABOUT.

The (Christian) missionaries came up with an ingenious, yet underhanded solution! Under the authority and support of the Roman Catholic Church, they literally RE-WROTE the New Testament to say that the Panare Indians brutally killed Jesus! Gone from this "new" Bible was the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, the Romans, the trial, and Pontius Pilate.

The text now read at the appropriate places: "The Panare killed Jesus Christ, because they were wicked. Let's kill Jesus Christ, said the Panare... They laid a cross on the ground..." etc. This New Testament continued: "God will burn you all... God will exterminate the Panare by throwing them on the fire... 'Do you want to be roasted in the fire?' asks God. 'Do you have something to pay me with so that I won't roast you in the fire? What is it you're going to pay me?'"

The Christian missionaries succeeded in convincing the Panare Indians that their ancestors had slaughtered Jesus and they were terrified about what was going to be God's wrath upon them. Soon the first Indian woman came forward and said: "I don't want to burn in the big fire. I love Jesus." This event is documented in the book, "The Missionaries: God Against The Indians" by Norman Lewis, Arena 1989, pp.188-192).

The end had justified the means and, as far as the Christian missionaries were concerned, the Indians had attained salvation in Jesus Christ. The fact that they had to distort their own Bible to achieve their goal was of no consequence! 

Christian Missionaries on one hand preach high moral values, yet at the same time, they follow the lowest most despicable ones in order to convert people to their religion! Missionaries especially prey on the poorest, most rural folk under the guise of helping them out of poverty when in fact they have chosen to convert them because they are the most uneducated and therefore most likely to fall for their deception.

Shortly after receiving my Th.B., I received my certification as an E.T.T.A. (Evangelical Teacher Training Association) Instructor in the late 1970s. I was taught that "before you can get a person saved, you HAVE to get them lost." Our motto was, "When the lost at ANY cost." But no one told me that this meant even if you have to lie to them!

It is important to understand that the act of blinding someone is bestowing lies upon them, and then making them live and teach those lies to future generations.

This is why The Afrikan Village Center For Self-Awareness is so needed. Our aim is to begin the process of undoing or reversing ideas and concepts that have been programmed into the minds of our people that have caused us adopt belief systems that have resulted in our loss of contact with what is real, factual, historical, and spiritual.

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