Some people would call the demonstrators and those in support of them radical and trouble makers, but that would not at all be the truth.  Blacks have been a restrained and a controlled people in these lands and in all the lands that took Slaves to build their empires.  And since the end of Slavery, descendants of Slaves have endured pain and suffering, cruelty and endless racist acts that have been covered up or rendered nonexistent, and have been left out of the equal distribution of wealth.  As a result, the needs and welfare of Blacks and other minorities are not met.  We have been unfairly treated and are powerless to make changes in the status quo, and consequently impoverished children attend inferior and over-crowded schools and are not afforded first-class educations.  The demographics prove that Blacks live in controlled environments exactly where substandard housing, schools, and work are the wretched mainstay.  In these areas poor Blacks have become the White Man’s nightmare – a nightmare that he created and that he abuses.  And when any White Man again wants to grow rich off the Black man, he finds one in the Ghetto who can act, one who can sing and dance, one who can play sports, and one who will not make waves and talk about the White Man’s oppression upon Blacks.  If we cannot make the White Man wealthy, then he is satisfied with the have-nots subsisting by any means necessary, and this has been the pattern since the end of the Slave Trade. 

Demonstrations and protests from coast to coast are our only voice for our people, and these outcries must continue until there is a permanent panel in place for descendants of Slaves in order for the members to hear, attend to, and end ALL the injustices against Blacks, as well as obtain JUSTICE served and REPARATIONS for the heinous Slave Trade.  This is a most important matter that deserves our undivided attention.

It is human nature to desire everything decent, safe, and wholesome for our children and for our people.  It is also our human right to be empowered for our own self-determinations.  Therefore, no matter what it takes, we must engage and employ a means over our lives for our betterment and not leave it to the dominant race as has been the case.  And if we don’t, then atrocities against Blacks will continue and not just by ruthless cops but by the racist US Supreme Court (that is oblivious to injustices against Blacks) and all the other institutions established for “justice” that has done nothing to end the race hatred and the discrimination against Blacks and other minorities in this country. 

Since Slavery the dominant race has set up its government that directly effects and controls our lives regardless of our opinions, and we have no real representation or recourse.  Hence, there is nothing radical about taking the initiative to end injustice and seek liberty for those of us who want out of this captivity.  There is nothing radical about wanting to pursue clean and safe environments, substantial lifestyles, peace, happiness, and to be able to walk down the street without being harassed and/or murdered by police.  There is nothing radical about fighting for a cause that enables Blacks to enjoy lives free from worrying whether their parents or children will come home safely for dinner.  There is nothing wrong with making the US government accountable for the race hatred that destroys Blacks that has been allowed to fester for centuries.  There is nothing wrong with being radical about causes that make change for the betterment of oppressed peoples.

The protests and demonstrations are our only vehicle for making this US government hear and understand our message, which is that we have had enough of its racism, police brutality, discrimination, and neglect against Black peoples that it forcibly migrated to this country to slave under inhumane conditions in order that the White race would be dominant and wealthy.  And for this crime against Black humanity, the United States and all countries that grew wealthy off the backs of Slaves must now remedy their heartless and cruel offences they have committed and even continue to commit against a helpless people. 


Desperately we need a Chair and a Panel in place for our New Movement, and we must choose wisely and quickly.  I have my personal choice but am staying reserved for the moment (and no, it’s not me). 

The focus of the Chair and New Movement is to end not only police brutality and murder of Blacks but end our lack of not having a voice.  Please consider the proposal herewith that certainly has the potential to resolve many of the problems descendants of Slaves face in the United States and in other countries that are plagued with racial crises if employed.  We have to make this White Man know that we are not going to take any more injustice and murder of our children or brutal attacks on Black men and women, or these demonstrations will continue until governmental procedures take place to make life better for Blacks.  And we have to mean this and set up stations in urban cities that can carry out demonstrations in a moment’s notice.  We have the powers-that-be listening, and hence, we must now act without fail to make sweeping changes for Blacks who wish to stay in the States and those who wish to Exodus out of this misery.

I am heartened by the support of the rising number of Whites and Hispanics who have joined with Blacks to demonstrate against the police brutality and police murders of Blacks across the United States.  Ferguson demonstrations are not just about police brutality and murder of Blacks in Ferguson.  This is a New Movement and one that has the potential to be greater than the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, and with these demonstrations Blacks have an opportunity to be a much needed voice for ourselves because presently, even with a Black President and his US Justice Department, we have none. 

Most Blacks do not believe that racial issues will ever change in the United States, and I am one of them, and I am also one who chooses to live elsewhere.  Not all Blacks choose to reside in the United States, as this country does not live up to its mantra:  “Justice for All” and “All Men are Created Equal”.  Blacks have always been second-class human beings in the United States and have never been treated fairly.  Actually, we have had to fight for all that is freely given to Whites, and even then, we must accept the crumbs that fall from the White folks’ table.

Our focus should not only involve police brutality and their murder of Blacks.  But we must also highlight Civil Rights, LIBERTY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE served for the Slave Trade, the pain and suffering, and the heinous race hatred and discrimination we have endured in these United States.  Of all the peoples involved in any captivity, Blacks stolen from the shores of Africa are the real victims of ethnic cleansing.  Therefore, it is our HUMAN RIGHT to be heard and to leave out of this captivity with REPARATIONS for our RESETTLEMENT elsewhere, if it is our so desire. 

Reparations was paid to the Native Americans for the US slaughter of these peoples and extinction of some and for confiscation of their lands.  Reparations was also paid to Japanese Americans for the US imprisonment in internment camps.  It was President Reagan who gave the apology for the internment of Japanese in behalf of the US government.  The US was also instrument in helping the European “Jews” obtain Reparations from Germany.  We cannot get Congress to discuss the Slave Trade and much less pay REPARATIONS.  Why are DOUBLE STANDARDS always the mainstay and rule in this country and a thorn in the sides of descendants of Slaves?  The horrific Slave Trade Holocaust was the worst of all heinous crimes committed against a people - Black nations and it lasted for centuries, and the Jewish Holocaust covered at the most thirteen years.  For centuries Blacks who were forcibly migrated from Africa lost their nationalities, their languages, cultures, identities, their religions, and their freedom and were programmed to love everything White including the White Man’s religion that has failed to serve Blacks except to keep us in darkness about the Most High CREATOR GOD – the “Old Testament” GOD, the ONE GOD ALONE that has proved over and over to be the True SAVIOR.  But no, the SLAVERS wanted the Slaves to worship their White-blue-eyed man-god. 

That which descendants of Slaves must remember is that our forebears who suffered the unbearable Slave Trade believed that the White Man’s Christian man-god would save them out of enslavement, but he didn’t.  And neither has this man-god saved us out of this on-going captivity that is proving to be as deadly for descendants of Slaves as it was for the Slaves.  In case it has not been realized, descendants of Slaves the world over are in the same predicament as were the Children of Israel who were in bondage for 430 years.  Like them, (and some of us are of their SEED) we are also in bondage regardless of the fact that it is the end of Slavery, because we are still in the land of our captors and still under their control.  Nevertheless, it is of import to note that when the Israelites called upon their GOD, HE heard them and Delivered them out of their captivity.  Now, that goes above and beyond speaking volumes.

Consider what SLAVERS dropped in the laps of our forefathers. Christianity was forced upon the Slaves taken out of Africa to prevent rebellions and uprisings.  This religion was to make them accept their fate, wait for a White man-god “saviour”, be resigned to go to heaven after death, and above all make them docile.  

There is no question that the SLAVERS were evil, wicked, and heartlessly cruel.  But is it possible that these callous SLAVERS who were dead-set on keeping Slaves in captivity did something good and upright when they converted their Slaves to Christianity?  Or was their religion and converting the Slaves to it nothing more than a scam? 

Can any goodness really come out of such evil people who treated our fathers like animals, and shouldn’t we wonder about this scheme that turned them into Christians – believers in a “man”?  This Christian religion has been in our families for centuries and has kept us focused, as was the plan, and also kept us subjugated under White rule and control.  But more than that, their White-blue-eyed man-god would appear to be just as racist as were the SLAVERS, as this man-god has turned the deaf ear to the Slaves and likewise to descendants of Slaves.  And Blacks are still in captivity under the descendants of SLAVERS and their religion still waiting for the White Man’s blue-eyed man-god. 


Only a meager few congressmen have thought to apologize for the Slave Trade, but that is as far as it went.  With this New Movement and PANEL in place, Blacks will be exercising our Human Right to a FREEDOM that descendants of Slaves have never enjoyed or had the human right to experience. 


REAL FREEDOM is the ability to attain the following:


Secure liberty from one’s captors


Reside in and Control one’s own land




Worship of one’s own GOD


Live one’s own culture and customs


Educate one’s own people


Acquire and sustain FREEDOM, self-rule, and prosperity for one’s progeny

Since taking office, President Obama, has sustained White cruelty towards Blacks rather than make efforts to end it.  Only since Ferguson has he, for the first time after six years in office, stepped up to the plate to address racism in America.  And when he does, he is ever so cautious not to insult or harm the feelings of White Folks.  It’s like when he goes on television to discuss the Israeli/Palestinian crisis; he makes sure to be clear that the Palestinians are the real problem so as not to offend Israelis and “Jewish” politicians, when everyone knows that it’s the Israelis who are dead wrong.  Why should Obama worry about offending “Jews”?  This tiny group of Israelis and Jewish Americans only wield the most power in congress, and there is nothing he can say that would put an end to the US’s biggest welfare recipient.  There are no words to politely express what I feel about Barack Obama except that I am deeply disappointed in him.


The Missouri Governor chose a sixteen–person panel to find long-term solutions.  How helpful can a White governor and a White Mayor be who know of racist acts committed against Blacks on a daily basis in Missouri and have done nothing? 

The panel should consist of four top-level Attorneys (at least two should be Black), three members from the Human Rights Organization, three Civil Rights Activists, three Black History Professors, Attorney General Holder, three members of the US Supreme Court, and three members from the United Nations versed in Civil Rights for an oppressed and suppressed people.  And the panel must meet and discuss HUMAN RIGHTS, JUSTICE, the SLAVE TRADE and REPARATIONS and FREEDOM in a large facility and in an open forum, whereby, the grassroots may also attend. Our goal can be “The Black Pursuit of Peace and Happiness”.  And it behooves the powers-that-be to hear us and respond accordingly because we want a change that works and one under our tutelage and on our terms. 

Money spent on these head cameras will not work; police can turn them off and say they forgot to turn them on or say that they thought they had them on, and even say they got broke in trying to handcuff the suspect before they shot him.  Given the videos on criminal cops in existence that prove their guilt still does not render indictments and jail terms for corrupt police officers…obviously given the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  The money would be better spent on obtaining these attorneys and expediting reliable plans rather than what this Missouri governor has brought to the table.

The panel should schedule at least one meeting each month until there are plans and strategies to satisfy descendants of Slaves who choose to reside in the United States, as well as descendants of Slaves who are not happy in the States and want to establish better lives for our progeny.

Descendants of Slaves who desire to leave out of this country, want Reparations and resettlement money (for housing, schools, farm) and US support to seal the deal with the countries of choice.   No real justice can be determined without consideration for an Exodus of descendants of Slaves whose forebears were forced to Colonial America and to other Slave Nations.

Another most important matter that must be met and discussed is that these same procedures should be open to other descendants of Slaves in other countries that took Slaves out of Africa (the UK, France, the Netherlands, Portual to name a few) – not just the United States.  And a Slave Trade and REPARATIONS Foundation must be established to meet the needs of all descendants of Slaves in every country we/they were taken captives.  And there can be no exceptions.  All countries that grew rich off the backs of Slaves must be required to participate and contribute funds towards this foundation.


A three-day sensitivity training for police is a joke!  Three years wouldn’t make a dent in how racist folks feel about Blacks.  It should not come as any surprise, but it is not just the police who commit racist acts against Blacks.  The CIA and FBI and government servants have gotten by for decades and nothing has been done to end their control and manipulation of Black lives.  The powers-that-be think we are naïve enough to fall for this sensitivity scam!  The powers-that-be have a mindset to be superior to Blacks, and it requires that we be second-class citizens. Thus, racism and discrimination run rampant in every facet of life in Slave nations, especially in the political, economic, and social systems.  So let’s not delude ourselves.  Any agreement to remedy the harm done to Blacks must be feasible or there will be business as usual.  However, do realize that we can never expect to be totally empowered to serve our people in the United States.  We are up against way too many stumbling blocks put in place even by the very ones who are supposed to be of help.

This is our opportunity to bring about a real change that could possibly generate some consolation to the families who have lost loved ones.  And if we do nothing, then whose parent or child will be next to fall at the hands of a trigger-happy cop or by some other crime for which there will be no indictment or incarceration.

Tziona Yisrael
December 9, 2014

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  • Caricom


         This question was posed at a Black Nationalist “Warriors” Conference that I attended in Atlanta recently. This question was projected on a screen in huge letters in front of over 500 black nationalists and no one seemed to appreciate the significance of this question. The presenter never addressed the question, which to me, was the most profound question posed during the entire conference.

    “How do you fight an enemy you are totally dependent upon?”

         Black people were brought to these shores from Africa hundreds of years ago to serve and work for the enrichment of “Christian” Europeans FOREVER. They were sold into slavery by Arabs and tribal Africans with permission from the Vatican and were never thought to return. In fact, when I visited one of the slave “castles” in Ghana, I noticed one door that was labeled “Door of No Return”.  The “Christian” European, the “Muslim” Arab and the “animist” African had no intention of allowing us to return home and be free.

         Initially these black people were enslaved under what is called “chattel slavery”, which means perpetual, generational slavery. Later, after what was called the “Civil War”, an oxymoron if I ever heard one, such slavery was “abolished” by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  

         Here is where we get a quick lesson about the tricky and ambiguous language called English. A close reading of that 13th Amendment reveals that slavery was not truly “abolished”. The word abolish means, ‘formally put to an end to (a system, practice, or institution). A few of the synonyms for abolish – get rid of, scrap, end, stop, terminate, ax, eradicate, eliminate, exterminate, destroy, annihilate, stamp out, etc.’ You get the point, right? Here are the actual words of that amendment.

         “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

         This amendment was passed by the “Christian” Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified by the states on December 6, 1865. Nevertheless, slavery was never truly abolished, or formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution) in America, to this day. Our “Christian” European enslavers simply transferred the right to enslave from the white slave masters, to the American prison system. Please take note of the following: 

         Following the “Civil War” freed black slaves were turned loose like animals: illiterate, homeless, unemployed and no resources onto the landscape of America. I want you to take a moment to stop, close your eyes and imagine what that must have been like for our ancestors. What did these “Christian” Europeans quickly learn? They learned that the government was turning a blind eye to the fate of these newly “freed” black people. These wicked “Christians” passed laws, known as Black Codes. What were these Black Codes? 

         Black Codes were laws passed by the “Christian” Southern states in 1865 and 1866. These laws had the intent and effect of restricting the freedom of recently “freed” blacks and compelled them to work in a labor economy based on low wages or debt. The defining feature of the Black Codes was a vagrancy law, which allowed local authorities to arrest these “freed” people for being homeless/unemployed. They would then be found “guilty” and fined. If they were unable to pay the fine, they would then be committed to involuntary labor, often for many years.

         Eight “Christian” Southern states allowed convict leasing (a system in which state prison hired out convict for labor) and five states allowed prisoner labor for public works projects. Another important part of the Black Codes was the annual “labor contracts”, which black people had to present in order to avoid vagrancy charges.

         Following is just one example of these restrictive codes. “That all freedmen, free negroes and mulattoes in this State (Mississippi), over the age of eighteen years, found on the second Monday in January, 1866, or thereafter, without lawful employment or business, or found unlawfully assembling themselves together, either in the day or night time, and all white persons so assembling themselves with freedmen, free negroes or mulattoes, or usually associating with freedmen, free negroes or mulattoes, on terms of equality, or living in adultery or fornication with a freed woman, free negro or mulatto, shall be deemed vagrants, and on conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not exceeding, in the case of a freedman, free negro, or mulatto, fifty dollars, and a white man two hundred dollars, and imprisoned, at the discretion of the court, the free negro not exceeding ten days, and the white man not exceeding six months.” 

         Today, as we are all aware, a disproportionate number of black people make up the prison population and under the 13th amendment are still enslaved, working for major American corporations for pennies per hour. 

         Due to these “Christian” Europeans systematic legal trickery, racial discrimination, substandard education and housing, predatory lending practices, police brutality, a “blind” judicial system and herding blacks into urban areas, we are today completely under the control and totally dependent on these same wicked “Christian” Europeans.

         Let us re-visit the question that stimulated this essay: How do you fight an enemy you are totally dependent upon? We do not have the military capability to overthrow this wicked government. We do have the economic prowess to insulate ourselves from these wicked people. And we have recently proven that the solution will not come through politics as long as these “Christian” Europeans outnumber us. Today, we have a black president and our situation has gotten worse under his administration.      

          So, we have eliminated a military, economic or political solution to our afflictions in this country. What other options are available to blacks in America today?

         At the risk of being ridiculed, I submit to you that the only solution available to black people in America today is a spiritual one.  No, I am not talking about the black church or “organized” religion. The black church is merely a replica of the white “Christian” church and it’s doctrines and dogmas imposed on our ancestors by the white slave masters.  Today’s black church is simply regurgitating the same doctrines and dogmas imposed upon them 150 years ago. The black church is so deeply invested in maintaining the status quo that it is completely unwilling to re-examine these scriptural teachings and practices. After over 100 years of zealous praise and worship our spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological situation gets worse. In spite of centuries of affliction by these “Christian” Europeans“, the black church has turned a blind eye on recently revealed truths and has refused to expose these truths to their “flock

         What “truths” am I alluding to?

         Truth Number One: Black people, our ancestors, wrote The Bible. Proof? No one disputes ancient Egypt was a black nation. Yet, his brothers did not recognize Joseph, the son of Jacob. Why? Because he looked just like the Egyptians. Moses had to be black in order to survive 40 years in the royal household of Pharaoh. Even the Christ describes himself as black with wooly hair and skin like burned brass. As a child, he was taken into Egypt, a black nation, to hide until Herod died. The apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian, proving that he too was a black man. Isn’t it obvious that the Israelites were black people?

         These truths should be pounded into the minds of our people at every opportunity, in order to repair some of the damage done by centuries of mis-information and deception through art, film, books, and education depicting Moses, Christ and the apostles as white people. These false images must be erased from the minds of our people and replaced with true ones.

         Truth Number Two: A prophecy, written 3,500 years ago at Deuteronomy 28:15-68 describes “chattel slavery” in great detail. A careful reading exposes the fact that there is only ONE group of people that has experienced ALL of the various features of this unique form of slavery – our ancestors and us. Each feature is verified by the careful record of the enslavement of our ancestors in literature, song, film, and art here in America. The prophecy and history form a perfect match.

         This truth too, should be taught at every opportunity, in order to restore our true identity, restore our confidence in the Word of God and to get an accurate understanding of what is required of us if we want to be “saved”.

         Truth Number Three: The number one thing we must do in order to be “saved” is to develop a total reliance on the Most High God and cleansing value of the shed blood of his Son, the Messiah. As a people, we have been kidnapped, enslaved, and systematically denied basic human rights by these wicked “Christian” Europeans. In spite of this centuries long mistreatment, a plea to turn to God is laughed at and ridiculed as unrealistic and naive by my own people.

         I submit to you that it is unrealistic, actually insane to believe that marching, protesting, letter writing, burning down businesses, or killing white people will solve our problems. We have, “been there done that”, without success.  Should we put our confidence in these “Christian” Europeans and hope that they will change and treat everyone fairly? Is this wicked world ruled by satan a good place to put our faith? We have worked the land and in the factories. We have fought in all the wars defending this nation. We have brought glory and honor to America with our athletic and entertainment prowess. How has being hard working, faithful, and patriotic to this wicked world benefited us, as a people?

          This brings up back to the original question: How do you fight an enemy you are totally dependent upon and defenseless against?  Is turning back to the Most High God, restoring our relationship and forging an unbreakable reliance on God so unrealistic when viewed in this historic context? We have tried everything else without success. Why not give the Most High our wholehearted confidence? He is where real equality, peace, security, and prosperity can be achieved for all of us.


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