3828608412?profile=originalWhether you are writing short stories, articles, poems, plays, or novels, keeping a side journal for the project is a valuable tool for developing ideas as seen In the blog series "Aesthetics & Metaphysics"  www.daphunkeeprofessor.com

Many people who write for a living, live to write and write to live. Writer's Block is often the product of trying to force ideas and notions into a coherent, linear pattern often causing the writer to get lost in their own ideas. One excellent writers tool is the annotation pad or writer's journal. For those who write by hand, it's a separate notebook and for pda users, it's a separate document in which you write about ideas, thoughts, theories and philosophies that might be part of your main project.

In his writing classes, Mwalim encourages students to adopt this method into their writing process. Sometimes, even journaling about having writer's block can free up your writer's block. The "Aesthetics & Metaphysics" series found on Mwalim's blog are taken from the journal he kept while writing his upcoming novel. In the journal he writes about the intersections of jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop and their deeper connection to the collective unconscious of the Black American musical and social experience; exploring the musical world that is at the core of his novel.

A multi-award-winning playwright, filmmaker, musicians, and performing artist, Mwalim has been a professor of English and Black Studies at UMass Dartmouth for over 15 years. He is available for writing workshops and residencies at school, colleges, universities, and community programs.

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