The historic Million Woman March (MWM) is the largest gathering in the world of women anywhere ever; thus making it not only Black/African history and Women's history, but also World History. While many historians and so called scholars have failed in recognizing this incredible accomplishment, its possible and actual potentials, the continued work and ongoing mission to uplift and empower women and girls of African descent throughout the Diaspora,and the quest for true freedom, justice, and self-determination for our families and communities that MWM has embarked upon, both nationally and internationally, the masses will, nonetheless, bear witness in October 2013 to some of the fruits of its labor when the long awaited "next steps" follow up program (that includes strategic operations and initiatives from the 1997 MWM gathering) will be disclosed and widely presented. 

The Million Woman March "SWEET 16" Reunion will take place on (or around) October 25, 2013 (Location to be announced on February 28, 2013); preceded by the National MWM "AMANDLA" (Power) Convention that will consist of a week long event filled with powerful presentations, reports, workshops, Strategy and Training Sessions, Think Tanks, a Film Fest, and more.       The MWM REUNION 2013 program will, amongst other things, rekindle the true spirit of MWM (and its now Universal Movements) and represent a unified stand that will give much needed recognition to the greatness of African traditions, cultures, and accomplishments,  demonstration of appreciation of the strength, tenacity, and sacrifices our ancestors and the ongoing commitment to obtain true Freedom/Independence and Justice; and in that the expedition of appropriate remedies and holistic repair (healing and restoration).

Official "SWEET 16" REUNION &
National/International - Caribe' "AMANDLA" (Power) Conventions 2013
(USA-October & Caribbean-November 2013)

The "AMANDLA" (Power) Conventions will Feature local, national, and international Women of African Descent, (mover and shakers), from all walks of life "From the Grassroots through the Glass Ceiling", in addition to ally organizations and groups, institutions, associates, and concerned persons who want to be a part of this solution oriented interaction and many who will play actives roles in creating a dynamic and unique synergy; talking the talk and waking the walk in business, social justice, education, politics, arts and culture, health & healing, and a variety of professional and relative social arenas.

Submission Date Deadline:  December 31, 2012
Acceptance Response Received by: March 31, 2013

Topics: Specifically, issues and concerns relevant to females of African descent and, in general, topics/matters of concern and interest to Black/African People as a whole. (Including but not limited to subjects such as: Justice/Injustice, Culture, Social/Civil Interactions, Politics, the Arts, Health & Healing, Education, Economic/Finance/Wealth Development, Religion/Spiritual, Community & Nation Building, Politics, Institution Building, Self-Determination, Relationships, African Reparations, Prison Reform, Environment, Consumer Protection, Business & Entrepreneur Development, Communications, Technology, Human Rights, Employment, Leadership, Gender Violations (violence and abuse of women & girls) Recidivism, Gentrification, 21st Century Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism, Liberation Theology, etc. (Submit as many papers as desired)

Submission Format: 250 words or less Abstract in Word, PDF, or another compatible program. Also acceptable: DVD, MP3, and Slide Show presentations (5 min. max)

Papers selected will be made available for review at the National MWM "AMANDLA" Conventions (October 2013 in the USA and/or November 2013 in Trinidad). Papers that relate to specific issues relevant to the "African Diaspora Human Rights Convention" (in December 2013 in Benin, West Africa). Various papers will also be published in the International "AMANDLA" Journal 2013

Event/ Project Overview:
The historic Million Woman March, the largest gathering in the world of women anywhere, ever, and now the first global Movement for women and girls of African descent throughout the Diaspora will hold its16 year anniversary celebration and "SWEET 16" Reunion Mass Assembly in October 2013. This gathering will honor and pay tribute to the beauty and greatness of the "Mother of Civilization" and activate the Resurrection of the Wondrous Original Woman (WOW). The 2013 REUNION celebration will also enable females of African descent to reconnect, recommit, and resurrect in the tradition, legacy, and spirit of the original Million Woman March in addition to introducing its long awaited "DIRECT ACTION" Plan and Black Print for Power, Prosperity, and Peace.

Leading up to the "SWEET 16" REUNION MASS ASSEMBLY will be a week long event, the MWM National "AMANDLA" (Power) Convention, that will offer a variety of workshops, open forums, strategy and training sessions, think tanks, etc. The AMANDLA Convention will play a key role in establishing the Universal Movements of MWM, the National/International Sistahoods and the MWM International Pan African Women's Federation.

Selected papers/presentations will be shared (seen and heard) with thousands of participants, attending the above mentioned events (and others), who will also take part in reviewing and evaluating an array of selected reports and research data that will assist in a process designed to help identify and further development of possible solutions, remedies, and other related plans of Action.

Inquiries and papers can be submitted via e-mail to: nationalmwm@aol.com or by postal mail at: National MWM P.O. Box 53668 Philadelphia, PA 19105  Attention: Papers Review Committee
All interested parties are encouraged to participate.

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