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The historic Million Woman March (MWM) is the largest gathering in the world of women anywhere ever; thus making it not only Black/African history and Women's history, but also World History. While many historians and so called scholars have failed in recognizing this incredible accomplishment, its possible and actual potentials, the continued work and ongoing mission to uplift and empower women and girls of African descent throughout the Diaspora,and the quest for true freedom, justice, and sel

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2nd Call for Papers

Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika’s 43rd Annual


Over the next five years health has to be a priority and its emphasis is designed to underscore the need for "strong and intelligent warriors" to move our nation forward. As america losses its prowess, the PG-RNA must strengthen its resolve to formalize the collective vision of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Robert Williams, Gaidi Obadele, Queen Mother Moore, Mama Betty Shabazz, Dr. Imari Obadele and others. The PG-RNA m
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How To Write A Commendable GCSE Coursework?

Coursework writing is really not a peanut as I took it in the beginning when I was assigned a college coursework. It was really tough to find coursework help, even online coursework help. But you know internet is a magical world, sooner or later you come to the right place. So did I when I started searching online coursework help. But it took a lot of time of mine to find the exact material for writing my college coursework.It is very essential to have the correct guidelines for writing GCSE cou
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