Imagine the military technology of “Raytheon” in the hands of Corporate Criminals, Schlumberger Limited “Raytheon has sold its technology to extract oil from shale and tar sands to Schlumberger, a leading oilfield services company. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.” speaking, what if Schlumberger Limited changed the name of the company, transitioned services to going green, and opened up the doors to “green” jobs??? this would not undo any of the decades of discrimination, corruption, and risk associated in bio-chemical research & development.Schlumberger Limited is the same corporation that was found "GUILTY" of the following by the United States Government: - "GUILTY" of Issuance of illegal visas - "GUILTY" of Environmental Issues - "GUILTY" of Perjury Regardless of the possibility of a "NAME CHANGE", Schlumberger Limited business strategist cannot be "TRUSTED". In fact, many of the victims of discriminations continue to face the following "RAPE" of their "Constitutional Rights" of illegal surveillance:- high level satellite surveillance- wire tapping- phone tapping- board-band fraud- threats to safety- GPS tracking- High doses of Radiation during Medical treatments- Ethical trust in treating physicians- Computer chips on body...- tactics of set-up- School threats - Vehicle tapering- Snipper alerts- many other attempts to do harm or kill* What if you had "military" intelligence capabilities to listen into your home and/or watch you on your "television"?* What if home in your neighborhood was "marked" by "Suspicious Neighbors" with blue storm covers on top of the roof that was marked in glow-in the dark "B" "A" "R".?* What if this high level technology has the potential of bringing down planes?Although it reads like a movie, the fact remains that this type of technology placed in the wrong hands is deadly... Why would America ALLOW CORPORATE CRIMINALS, this much "POWER" ? Better yet, imagine the enormous amount of money that changed hands to purchase military technology in the likeness of the corporation, Raytheon. Schlumberger Limited must be held accountable.Money, Abuse of Power & Politics... This is the direct formula that continues to "harm" and/or "kill" democracy. Schlumberger Limited (SLB) and others on assignment are attempting to "escape" accountability. Don't be "surprised" by the recent changes... (i.e. Company name, change in the types of servicing...) Schlumberger Limited is the number one oil services giant in the world. Due to their astounding profits, political contributions and confidence, discrimination of women, African Americans and minorities has been this corporation's leading advantage in covering up the "TRUTH". Each time you take a breath or digest your food, you are a victim of environmental issues…What about the inflated gas prices??? Although they have decreased, what will prevent the possibilities of “price inflation”? Many of these types of companies are conveniently relocating overseas. That’s after the fact that America is considered to be in a “recession”. Are you really surprised??? While profits skyrocketed, who was actually policing companies, such as, Schlumberger Limited’s “Ethical Failures”??? React and take action to become educated.Also, take a look at a few facts:, it is advised that you become educated. Stop being “guinea pigs". You are all human beings. Freedom is never free. There is nothing better than the “Truth”. Government is encouraged to immediately address the issues of the discrimination victims of Schlumberger Limited, but take it personal as well.Government Officials are human beings too!!! There will be some people going to Jail, but it certainly will not be "Truth"... Nothing is never unseen. Please stand in truth, always... Be on alert if you should hear any news on any of the victims of Schlumberger Limited... You will know they were attempted to be set-up or silenced for standing up in truth. They have many others on assignment...Once again, will the victims of Schlumbeger Limited's Discrimination ever receive "Justice"? and if so, when? Please keep up with the updates.orHas the victims been "SOLD" for "Green" dollars without being 4-Sale???Ironically, even Schlumberger Limited (SLB) is in the "Going Green" business. More profits without being held accountable!!! Check out the link below: Talk Radio Southwest Affiliate"LET'S BREAK THE LEASE ON IGNORANCE"maatpap2.jpg
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