For DaVonna May, fashion has been her passion and now it is a career. I stumbled across the BellaDonna PrimaDonna Instagram page over a year ago and noticed immediately based on the items she had available for purchase, this was an entrepreneur who has a serious eye for accessories. When I reached out to her, we spoke on the phone and she immediately confirmed my suspicions. DaVonna is an artist - this woman has worked with various photographers and creative directors for music videos, commercials, and a few celebrities. And... she can sing!! Whaaaaat! You have to catch her on Facebook live, harmonizing and thangs!

DaVonna May is someone I wish I would have met when I was living in Manhattan, attending Parson's School of Design, feeling as if the industry was shallow and not quite fitting into the party crowd disguised as networking. She is rooted. She is grounded. She is a woman of faith. Davonna May is couture plus character! During this interview, DaVonna shared some of her best fashion advice and gave me a sneak peak into what it's like to be a stylist. 


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DoVanna May, Accessories Stylist

DoVanna May, Accessories Stylist

MRTV: Tell me a little about yourself and your career so far? 

DM, BDPD: I am DaVonna May, Owner & Accessories Stylist ofBellaDonnaPrimaDonna – Accessory House.  “Where Luxury Meets Affordability and Everyday is EXTRAORDINARY!” I created my business in 2010 with one goal in mind - to offer luxurious and affordable jewelry to all women – especially to those who craved one of a kind pieces! I believe that every woman is unique and powerful. My accessories empower her alter ego to SHINE! When she is wearing our Vintage Fur, she is unstoppable. She commands attention in our Fierce Frames, Leather Gloves and Handmade Necklace! She feels special owning that piece that speaks to her lifestyle and experiences! There is no stopping the woman that wears our jewelry, and we love to be a part of that journey!

MRTV: How do you choose what looks work for each individual client?

DM, BDPD: I choose pieces that excite the imagination and seduce the senses. Jewelry that appeals to your alter ego of luxury and fantasy. My clients choose my accessories because we are versatile. It is very important to consult with clients before the shoot, but often times I am called to appear at a moment’s notice. The magic is having an eye for great accessories and a diverse collection!

This month alone, I did a maternity shoot in a hospital, a high fashion 70’s shoot for a make-up artist, and a natural hair shoot for a Nigerian designer!


MRTV: What trends are you loving right now?

DM, BDPD: I am so loving the 1930’s Vintage Glamour look. My mother raised us on movies like “Gone with the Wind” and I fell in love with the timeless elegance. It’s not a trend, it’s a way of life! It’s how I envision my brand! My best selling collection are furs with large dripping rhinestone necklaces, leather gloves and fierce sunglasses! Don’t forget the Red Lippie!

MRTV: What’s the best style advice you’ve received?

DM, BDPD: BE YOURSELF! The world craves individuality. You were created wonderfully and with a vision. Live your life with one purpose - to discover and define the unique you!

MRTV: What do you think is the most essential item in every woman’s wardrobe? 

DM, BDPD: Confidence, Positive Energy, and a few Pieces of Jewelry from our Collection of course! With these essentials, you will rule the world!

BDPD chokers and belts

BDPD Afro Pic Earrings

BDPD Jaguar Earrings

MRTV: Any upcoming projects?

DM, BDPD: I am going to New York this week to audition my jewelry for a major NY Fashion Show. Later that day, I have an on air interview with ‘Act like a Lady Think like a Boss’ Campaign which highlights girl bosses. I have been booked as the Accessories Stylist for several runway shows in Charlotte, NC, and I am shooting my first commercial in Arizona!



BellaDonna PrimaDonna Accessory 531-3381

Instagram: thedonnasxoxos

Facebook: BellaDonnaPrimaDonna 

 I am one happy BellaDonna PrimaDonna customer! I have several pieces from her accessory house and I enjoy each accompanying compliment! If you would like 50% off your purchase from BellaDonna Prima Donna, she is one of 80 Black Owned Businesses listed in the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide, a coupon book full of discounts available for download! #GetTheGuide



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