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Amanda Knox and Troy Davis

Dear Editor:    

Let us acknowledge that if we fairly scrutinize the Troy Davis and Amanda 
Knox cases, we would see an example of present-day racism.    

Knox’s case and family receive 24-hour-a-day coverage with the obvious 
assumption that she is innocent and a victim of a miscarriage of justice.  
Her parents have been so courted and interviewed by the mainstream (no longer 
news) anchors that they are treated as friends and are called by their first 

Conversely, these media anc

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Diversion Needed! Let's Kill Troy Davis!

by Mary Neal ~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



 Troy Anthony Davis (Oct. 9, 1968 - ? )

What do American decision makers do whenever We the People begin to unite and press for social and economic justice?  They create a diversion.  The Vietnam War diverted attention and momentum from the civil rights movement when African Americans, whites and others joined together at the Poor People's March and other justice initiatives.  Today people are UNITING to protest wars without provocation, mass incarcerat

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