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Community protest at the 52nd precinct in the Bronx, on Sunday March 28th.
Led by CEMOTAP the Afrikan community rallied in support of Dr. Adelaide Sanford(, whose son David Sanford, dean of the Banneker Academy in Brooklyn, was assaulted by Bronx police.
The community demanded that all charges against Dean Sanford be dropped and the the police be charged instead.
(pictures courtesy of E V Tait, Jr)
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The “Right” Is Wrong

The “Right” Is WrongAugust 13, 2009Raynard JacksonAlways be weary when someone begins a sentence with, “I have the right---!” I can guarantee you that the next statement will not end with, “but I have a responsibility to--!”During these summer town-hall meetings, everyone has been asserting their “right” to be heard and speak before their fellow citizens. Well, the last time I read my constitution, I found no guaranteed right to speak at a public meeting, no right to be heard, nor a right to dis
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