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10171051_724624240944395_3234616837195831384_n.jpg?oh=385fa2d17d824e6b3c38df4c34d99b61&oe=54FA942E&__gda__=1425807254_e1c7576005829d8b0563bc315b307f0eHip Hop Global Media & Entertainment to Assist Midtown Museum in Selecting RFP Firm in Management of $500M in Revenues Over 10 yrs. and Co-Producing 200+ Annual Concerts & Live Events

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is seeking RFP's from local and national Venue Management and Live Event Operators & Production firms for its Restaurant & Sports Bar Food & Beverage Management, and for its Concert Venue Live Events, Shows, Booking, Production, and Tours. The long term venue management firm deal can also i

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