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7fdee72f-7954-4e5b-91ba-b725d7c045b3.jpgNinety-six years ago, women in the United States won the right to vote after a century of struggle. Suffragettes were mocked, demonized, beaten and jailed. They refused to back down and finally on August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution became law.

Today many feminists are thinking of using that hard-won right to vote for Hillary Clinton. They want to vote for the first female president, an historic event, and to vote down the frighteningly sexist, racist Donald Trump. Radical Wom
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3828586037?profile=originalABCs of abortion rights
In a huge victory, the Supreme Court has ruled that Texas restrictions on clinics that perform abortions are a barrier to women’s health and violate their constitutional rights. 3828586106?profile=original The Texas law required doctors who perform abortions to have hospital-admitting privileges and imposed impossible physical requirements on the outpatient clinics where most abortions are performed. It would have eliminated three-quarters of the state's abortion clinics, forcing an estimated 900
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3828565813?profile=originalOn June 30, a divided Supreme Court ruled that if a “closely-held” (family-run) company chooses not to cover contraceptives it is legally okay, and just tough luck for their female employees. With Orwellian reasoning, 5 out of 9 justices stated that the freedom of religion of these companies and bosses is more compelling than women’s healthcare and right to decide when, or if, to have children. This depravity towards women is a reflection of the on-going rightward turn in U.S. politics.

This dec

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Radical Women column by Nancy Reiko Kato ~

Jan. 22, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in 1973. The court based its ruling on the idea that for government to outlaw abortion would violate a womans constitutional right to privacy.

This was a historic triumph for womens rights, won by the influence of a cresting feminist movement. Still, it was always a limited victory. The court said that while states could not ban abortion, they cou

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