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The Image of Racism in Libyan Uprising

March 8, 2011The Image of Racism in Libyan UprisingBy Kwasi Seitu, Institute for Tsunamic Justicewww.itj-pdn.yolasite.comWash, D.C. - The image of the handsome young boy being in the clutches of a bunch of armed racist, with a gun up against the back of his head, while an apparent Alpha racist questions and threatens him, you can see it in the child’s eye, in his stare. I am not talking about some little black boy caught in the clutches of the Ku Klux Klan, but a little black boy in the hands of
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United States a microcosm of Global Africa

by Prof. Ali A. Mazrui Never has the Black population in the United States been as diverse as it is today. If Global Africa means people of African ancestry all over the world, the Black population of the United States is a microcosm of Global Africa. Today, this Black population includes people from literally every Black country in the world: from every member of the African Union, Organisation of American States and from other parts of the Black world as well. Black population in the United
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