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War on Food and Free Speech Continues: Nanny State Activists Got Whistleblower Journalist 'Disinvited' from Consumer Federation of America National Conference

Journalist Has Uncovered Shoddy Science in Government Nutrition Advice That Led Americans to Avoid Certain Fats in Favor of Carbohydrates

Bad Advice in Part Led to Expanded Obesity, Diabetes Rates

But Nanny State Activists Want Americans to Rely on Government for Food Advice

Whistleblower Reporting About Bad Science is Extremely Inconvenie
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Virtual Fundraiser Volunteers

Fund raising needed for the start up of Mbodyment's Action Against Obesity Foundation, Co.. All proceeds will be applied to the start up, related charities and future event planning. Volunteer(s) will participate in various fund raising and marketing by means of public relations and web promotion. Each volunteer will receive a one page website for purposes of raising donations for the start up and the execution of our cause.
Volunteer must have a strong passion for the MAAOF's cause along with s
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