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3828586010?profile=originalNB COMMENTARY: I am not sure why this thing about Qaddafi is coming up for me now. But when I opened my email I found an article about him and so I think I may have been called to it.
Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You To Know
Posted by El-Bull on April 24, 2016
So I used this article as a sign that I should go ahead and write the rant, I have been thinking about writing ever since the take down of Connel Qaddafi.  I made a video playlist on YouTube and also a slideshow which was
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Rundu, Namibia

Transcript of Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Radio interview done 5th April 2011

MR !GOAGOSEB:  It is the 9th Hour on National Radio.  My name is Ricardo !Goagoseb and I will be keeping you company in today’s edition of your favourite topical discussion programme. We look at issues of national, continental as well as global interest that is here on the power of National Radio 92.6 FM.  This morning, as you know, since the beg

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Africans! Beware the Saviors of Libya

         At this very moment several Western powers and their Arabs lackeys have started an attack on one of the most progressive minded governments in Africa. We must be clear that the attack on Libya is an attack on Africa. One of the reasons that the French, the United States, and Britain could not get an agreement from the Africans Union to bomb Libya is because the political intelligence of African leaders has grown tremendously since the crises in Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia, and Egypt.

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