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The Cape Cod Human Rights Commission recently hosted their Human Rights Academy for high school 3828613012?profile=originalstudents, hosted at Cape Cod Academy. Students from 11 of the fourteen public and private high schools on Cape Cod participated. This year the keynote speaker was Hip-Hop Jazz artist, ZYG 808 who performed his song "Insanity" and delivered a rousing keynote speech on the importance of leveling the social playing field to achieve effective human rights work by recognizing and eradicating the socially e

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The Browning of America

January 21, 2010Raynard JacksonThe stunning win of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday has sent shock waves throughout the political world. But, as usual with tectonic shifts like this, everyone is totally misreading what happened.Republicans have every reason to be crowing today and Democrats have every reason to be depressed. I would call what happened Tuesday night the “Browning” of America. The people of Massachusetts spoke with their votes that they are more interested in r
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