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The underground king of hip-hop Gansta Marcus will be releasing a statement on up and coming music, new website, and much more.

He has been seen all over the underground music industry as a promoter of many. Gansta Marcus is enlisted in almost every digital music app, and is well known on many social media platforms. He is one of the most influential person in his city.

Hard work and dedication is keeping artist like Gansta Marcus to keep pushing to make his mark on the world of entertainment. His
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Helping Artist Get Heard

Top Music Sites For Artists
We live in an age where this world is busy running after each and every minor thing. Gone are the days when people had to buy cassettes or CDs for their favourite songs...READ MORE CLICK HERE
How Swag Will Evolutionize The Rap Game
The Lima, Ohio producer recently released a statement on rap music and its future, now he returns with a new written statement on "How Swag Will Evolutionize The Rap Game." In his own statements...READ MORE BY CLICKING HERE
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Gansta Marcus Now Producing New York Rappers

Rumors are that will now be working with various unsigned artist in Brooklyn, New York. If you have not heard by now, Gansta Marcus has recently changed his stage name to +Nieman Marcus, but keeps Gansta Marcus as his producer profile.
independencedaynm.jpgNew York rapper like Serious Black, and Scandolous two of the first to begin production with the producer. These two rappers has been previously released on Hip-Hop and will be featured on The Wrap-Up  The Lima, Ohio
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Large numbers of tenants rush to them everyday and they will le

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