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NB Commentary: It is always worth the time to take a moment and look into the comments posted under a YouTube video. This is what I found when following one of the links listed there. You should read the whole article but this is a quoted comment under the article.

EXTRACTS FROM BELGIAN filmmaker Jean Pierre Dutilleux's first contact with a tribal people known as the Toulamis have recently been posted on Youtube.
This claimed first contact was said to have been as recently as 1976 and the e
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1. What is Feminism?Good afternoon. We will begin by defining feminism.Feminism is humanism. That is, feminism as a political and a social movement is a humanist movement. It is one of the more crucial strands within a collective history of liberation struggle here in America. Along with Unionism, the Amerindian and First Nation struggles, the Black liberation struggle, the anti-war movement, the ethnic rights struggle, the free speech movement, the sexual liberation struggle, the socialist move
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