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  • House Immigration Proposal a Step in Right Direction
  • President Obama Should Show More Leadership in Deterring Travel to U.S. Border by Young Central Americans
  • "We need a solution that will plug our porous border and swiftly process and deport those who have come here against the law..."

Activists with the Project 21 black leadership network are calling on President Obama to send a strong message to the leaders and the parents in Central American countries that their dangerous efforts to ente

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by Adib Rashad ~

  Immigration to the United States has, for the most part, been regarded
with mixed emotions. This was particularly true with respect to the
immigrants that came from Eastern and Southern Europe. As a result, of this
immigration, the racist Eugenics Movement was established; the Eugenics
Movement declared that the new immigrants were genetically inferior to the
Nordic or Anglo-Saxons.

Such racist propaganda led to the passage of strongly racist legislation.
The most important, t

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