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Campaign website features unique risk assessment tool to help gay/bisexual men determine how strong a candidate they are for PrEP.

F*ck w/out Fear is the message of a new campaign by the Los Angeles LGBT Center, officially launching on Sunday, January 8, to raise awareness for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a safe and effective tool to prevent HIV infection. PrEP involves taking a medicine once-daily that, if used correctly, has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection by up to 99 pe

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What%2BHappened%2Bto%2BDr.png?width=320NB Commentary: By now folks all over the world have heard about Dr. Sebi making his transition to the astral plane. There has certainly been a lot of speculation around his transition. What I like to do, especially after viewing the articles, videos and comments on certain subjects; is to consult the I Ching Oracle to see if I can get a clear picture of what "really" took place.
Below you will find my comments, an article about his incarceration and subsequent transition and a video playlist that
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By John Dugan | Foreskin is a hot topic of debate in the U.S. Some argue that circumcision is necessary for penis health; others assert that the procedure is barbaric and completely unnecessary. This debate tends to weigh heavily on uncut men, leading to anxieties and insecurities concerning their manhoods.

But some of the stigma around foreskin can be vanquished by learning the facts about the sheath. The following may help uncut men improve their body image.

Worldwide Majority

Part of the reason

Read more… overstated Aids risk, says specialistAgency 'has wasted billions' on HIV educationDenis Campbell, health correspondentThe Observer, Sunday June 8 2008 Article historyThe United Nations has systematically exaggerated the scale of the Aids epidemic and the risk of the HIV virus affecting heterosexuals, claims a leading expert on the disease.The numbers of people worldwide with HIV have been inflated and the UN Aids agency has wasted billion
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