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Fundraising for Dr. Yosef A. A. Ben-Jochannan


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Many institutions are sending end-of-year mailings soliciting funds for their 
cause.  In our midst is the greatest cause who was not afraid to speak and 
share knowledge, truth, OUR STORY – SAIS (Egypt -- KMT).  Fund raising for 
Dr. Ben is the least that can be done on his behalf.

Dr. Ben’s birthday is just around the corner, December 31st.  Let’s celebrate 
our tremendous and powerful teacher by sending financial donations in Dr. 
Ben’s honor!  As an outgoing indivi

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Runoko Rashidi: We still have in our midst a great pillar standing. He, (Dr. Ben) has written numerous books that have enlightened the minds of many, including white folks. He pioneered the first group tours to Egypt long before many of us were born and when it was unpopular in the black community to want anything to do with “going back to Africa”. 99% of Dr. Ben’s research and analysis, and preaching and teaching to anyone who would listen, was grossly underpaid and while in his younger years
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