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3828593426?profile=originalToday we launch a new project, OurStates, to reject the Trump / GOP agenda in every state.

While persistent activism is working to block Trump's agenda in Congress, many states are already implementing his agenda - banning sanctuary cities, enacting voter suppression laws, and restricting reproductive and LGBTQ rights. We can resist this agenda at every level of government and put in place policies that protect communities from harm.

Your voice is urgently needed: most states will decide which b

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I've seen the City of Baltimore at its best and its most challenged.

Baltimore's people know how great this city can be, but in the face of inaction and a lack of accountability, it's too easy to give up hope -- to resign yourself to thinking, 'that's just the way the city is,' that there's no turning it around.

I believe there is another way.

I am running to be the next Mayor of Baltimore because I believe Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility. And I want to ask for your supp

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Good Morning,

Today, we released The 2015 Year-End Police Violence Report, focused on police killings in America's 60 largest cities. The data, part of the Mapping Police Violence project which is the foundation for our work withCampaign Zero, shows which of these cities' police departments kill people at higher or lower rates than others. Three charts presenting the data and the source dataset are attached. Key findings include:

Police killed at least 1,152 people in America from January

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