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Constitutional Citizenship in America
By C. HerbertOliver
[U.S. Constitution]
April 30, 2010

What is the Constitutional citizenship status in America of persons of African-American descent?

Are we citizens? No, because the only part of the Constitution upon which our citizenship is supposed
to be based – the 14th Amendment – is itself unconstitutional.
According to the Constitution of 1787, amendments must be proposed by two thirds of the states in Convention and ratified by three fourths of the

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Dred Scott vs. Sandford (1857)INTRODUCTION TO THE COURT OPINION ONTHE DRED SCOTT CASEDred Scott's case holds a unique place in American constitutional history as an example of the Supreme Court trying to impose a judicial solution on a political problem. It called down enormous criticism on the Court and on Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney; a later chief justice, Charles Evans Hughes, described it as a great "self-inflicted wound."Scott, born a slave, had been taken by his mast
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