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Crowdfunding%252C%2BPatreon%2Band%2BYouTube%2BDemonetization.png?width=320I want to talk a bit about the notion that YouTube is demonetizing videos on their platform.
When I started this project, a few days ago, what came to mind most was, why?
I really didn't have any idea how deep the rabbit hole would be. I searched the investors of Patreon and the Investors of Google (Al Gore?) and the investors of YouTube.
In actuality, YouTube was taken over by Google in 2006. I didn't join YouTube till 2009, but I had watched some of the videos. The platform was truly archaic comp
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The following is a letter from 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative:

 Dear Mr. President: We write with great urgency regarding the dire crisis continuing to unfold in northeastern and central Nigeria, much of it as the direct result of Boko Haram. Just yesterday, in the Washington PostKevin Sieff noted, "Thousands of Boko Haram victims are on the verge of starvation in northeastern Nigeria." Six people, on average, are dying every day from malnutrition. According to Medicins Sans Frontieres, "o

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Mike Smiff gave you "I'll Break Yo Back", "Miami Jungle", "Dats Life", "Keep Sliden", & "No Otha Way". He's back with a new project #AllGasNoBrakes with his first single "Drills" featuring Chad, Ice Billion Berg & DJ Sam SneakMIKE SMIFF DRILLSMike Smiff is a native of Miami Florida. Artist, lyrics, poet, father, brother, uncle. Mike Smiff is a musician that prides himself on being of the people. He uses his platform to teach people to embrace their struggle, embrace the trials and tribulations that lives brings
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