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3828575963?profile=originalTruth Foretold, Specious Journalism, And Spurious Assertions:

The Case of Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg View, and The Charlotte Observer


While it is true that I was “booted” by pro-war Democrats who worked in concert with like-minded Republicans, your assertion of my being booted for “peddling conspiracies” deserves a deeper look.  My booting, by the way, resulted in the GOP takeover of my home State of Georgia, an outcome that seemingly makes both pro-war Democrats and Republicans (now called

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Mayor Bloomberg, disregarding the will of the people and the New York City Council, vetoed the Fair Wages for New Yorker's Act yesterday. The Living Wage NYC Coalition condemns this immoral, undemocratic decision and has full confidence that the New York City Council will override the Mayor's veto with an ample majority later this month.

We are planning a mobilization to respond to the Mayor and will let you know as soon as a date and time is set.

In a statement explaining his veto the Mayor ma
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